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Client: Adjust Massage
Sector: Sports Massage
Service: Google Adwords

James Sylvester, owner of Adjust Massage, needed to increase bookings and having tried social media, blogging and more, he approached Jackie of Key Principles with the objective of using Google Adwords to accelerate his grow. Over the first 6 months, Key Principles drove over 100 new bookings, the doubling of the business with a return on investment of 61%.

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Adjust Massage was set up in July 2014 by James Sylvester. As a qualified sports masseuse, as well as an entrepreneur, James was building the business using marketing and promotional activity.
James quickly implemented a website plus a promotional price for a first massage, as well as PR, blogging and social media marketing. Even with this activity, James was frustrated at the speed of growth. He was referred to Jackie Key of Key Principles to help move the business forward faster.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The impact of the Adwords campaigns was felt immediately. In the first month 23 enquiries were generated and more than 18 bookings, with 4 repeat bookings.

The figures for the first six months were:
Number of enquiries = 100 plus
Number of bookings = 80 plus with over 25% booking more sessions
Total Revenue = Over £2900
Total Costs = £1800
Return on Investment = 61% – in simple terms returning £1.61 for every £1 spent. 

How We Helped

Following an initial meeting, Key Principles built Adwords campaigns for Adjust Massage. Primarily focused on the local area around Lady Bay; roughly a 10 mile radius and promoted Sport Massage.

The campaigns were set up within a few days of the meeting. James received phone calls and enquiries within hours of the campaigns going live!

Tracking was set up. James also tracks phone call enquiries, so that the return on investment can be measured.

Key Principles also provided £120 from Google towards the second months advertising costs.


Following on from the success of the Adwords Search Campaign, Key Principles has implemented a Remarketing campaign that targets visitors to the website that don’t book an initial massage. The adverts encourage the booking of an appointment.

A Display Advertising Campaign has also been implemented targeting local papers, as well as health and fitness blogs and magazine sites.

Being aware of the power of Adwords in generating a regular stream of leads and sales, James has felt confident enough to move forward with his ambition of opening his own Therapy Centre. The new Centre, in Lady Bay, has opened!

“If you want to grow your business, I’ve now realized the fastest and most effective way, even for relatively new local businesses, is Google Adwords. You may have to spend more than feels comfortable, but you get it back and more. We still do blogging, PR and events, but Adwords is the real driver of growth.”

James Sylvester

Adjust Massage

James Adjust Massage

“When it comes to whether to take the plunge and spend some money on Google Adwords, I’d always say ‘Go For It’. And do it with Jackie and Key Principles. They’re experts in what they do, so let them do it.” James Sylvester, Adjust Massage

Download the Adjust Massage Case Study PDF here.

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