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Rank your online store higher in search results, decrease reliance on PPC and increase profits

Ecommerce SEO is the process of ranking an online store higher in search results for keywords that drive product sales and increase revenue. There are many ecommerce specific techniques to help achieve this on top of the universal SEO techniques that work on all websites.

The big advantage of SEO for an online store is the ability to directly see the impact of the SEO project on sales and immediately see if a ROI is being generated. This is why we always ensure the ecommerce tracking is setup correctly before undertaking an ecommerce SEO project.

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    Why Is Ecommerce SEO Important?

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    Increase Sales

    The most obvious reason for ecommerce SEO is to increase the number of sales going through your online store. Ranking your site higher and for a wider range of keywords will help to drive more visitors and sales.

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    Specific Product Searches

    Whilst there might be lots of searches for “Comfy Shoes” there are also plenty of people searching for very specific products such as “Comfy Red Running Shoes For Women”. Longer tail keywords are higher converting and can drive more sales without competing with the big players as much.

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    Rich Results

    There are certain structured data features we can implement on your site to make the products appear better and improve click through rates including displaying the price within the search results and even now displaying organic results in the Google Shopping section.

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    High Traffic Volumes

    Research from an SEMrush study shows that 38% of traffic to ecommerce sites comes from organic search proving that its critical to your business success to be ranking high on search engines.

    What’s Included In Ecommerce SEO?

    With ecommerce SEO we will fundamentally be looking at very similar things as a standard SEO project but with additional ecommerce SEO features to consider as well. Below we have listed a sample of what’s included in a standard SEO package and what would be additional for international SEO.

    Standard SEO Actions

    • Core Web Vitals improvements
    • Sitemap & robots.txt review
    • HTTPS and canonical domain checks
    • Fixing 404 errors
    • Fixing mobile friendliness issues
    • Keyword research
    • Updating title and description tags

    Ecommerce SEO Actions

    • Site structure review and strategy
    • Structured data and rich results review
    • Product inventory review and prioritisation
    • Product level keyword research
    • Product level on page optimisation

    The Ecommerce SEO Process

    Our ecommerce SEO service is an ongoing optimisation service where we will continue to work and improve the SEO on your site over time. We generally have a three step process to getting up and running with our ecommerce SEO service:

    Initial Consultation

    We begin with an initial consultation where we aim to learn more about your business, your product inventory and key products you wish to rank for, the locations you wish to rank in and who your main competitors are.

    Complete Audit

    Once we have collected our information your SEO expert will complete an initial audit of your site using both automated and manual techniques and construct a priority list of recommendations.

    Ongoing Optimisation

    Your SEO expert will then take these findings and begin working through the priority list of recommendations on a regular basis. We will likely prioritise certain products to focus on with the SEO as well as with large stores it can take a long time to optimise all of the products.

    Ecommerce SEO FAQs

    Why can’t I rank for “Men’s Clothing”?

    Most ecommerce niches have this problem where the broad keyword you usually want to rank for is dominated by Amazon or large retailers within your niche. This is why keyword research is important as we want to find the longer tail search terms that are hyper relevant to your products. We won’t drive as much traffic but the quality of the traffic will be better and conversion rates will be strong.

    Am I getting a return on my investment?

    With ecommerce SEO it’s much easier to track the ROI being generated from an SEO project. We usually recommend taking the service for a 6 – 12 month period where we can work to improve the traffic and sales through the site. We will then review the increase in sales and work out the return on investment.

    I don’t have ecommerce tracking setup on my store, can you still help?

    We can definitely still help but we will need to charge to get this tracking setup at the start of the project. We don’t take on any project where we are unable to track the returns being generated. Data is crucial for us to be able to both make the correct decisions and report on the ROI from the campaign.

    How do I show the price of my product in search results?

    This is done by adding structured data mark-up to your product pages to tell Google what the price of the item is. We can also use this to display other information including the availability of the item and the review ratings as well.

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