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Ensure your website is performing and being delivered to correct locales on search engines around the world

International SEO is the process of taking a large website targeting different countries and languages around the world and ensure the site ranks on the correct versions of search engines and performs well on search engines globally. International SEO is similar to local SEO but on a much larger scale as instead of ranking in local towns and cities we are ranking in different countries and languages.

There are many SEO techniques we can use to help achieve this goal such including site structure improvements, hreflang tags, translating content and much more.

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    Why Is International SEO Important?

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    Global Scale

    The most obvious reason for international SEO is if you are ranking on more search engines around the world this means more traffic to your site and more enquiries into the business.

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    User Experience

    If your users are searching in Germany but are finding the UK version of your site in search results and it’s all in English this leads to poor user experience and high bounce rates.

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    Conversion Rates

    Similar to the user experience, if you are delivering your site in the location and language your user is looking for then your chances of generating leads and sales is much higher.

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    International Strategy

    Different regions will have different competitors with varying strengths and weaknesses. Its therefore crucial to have a strategic approach to each locale and understand how we can beat the competition around the world.

    What’s Included In International SEO?

    With international SEO we will fundamentally be looking at very similar things as a standard SEO project but on a much larger scale with additional extras to consider as well. Below we have listed a sample of what’s included in a standard SEO package and what would be additional for international SEO.

    Standard SEO Actions

    • Core Web Vitals improvements
    • Sitemap & robots.txt review
    • HTTPS and canonical domain checks
    • Fixing 404 errors
    • Fixing mobile friendliness issues
    • Keyword research
    • Updating title and description tags

    International SEO Actions

    • Site structure review and strategy
    • Hreflang tags implementation
    • Competitor analysis for each locale
    • On page optimisation for international pages
    • Search engine channel review

    The International SEO Process

    Our international SEO service is an ongoing optimisation service where we will continue to work and improve the SEO on your site over time. We generally have a three step process to getting up and running with our international SEO service:

    Initial Consultation

    We begin with an initial consultation where we aim to learn more about your business, the keywords you wish to rank for, the locations and languages you wish to rank for and who your main competitors are in these various counties.

    Complete Audit

    Once we have collected our information your SEO expert will complete an initial audit of your site using both automated and manual techniques and construct a priority list of recommendations.

    Ongoing Optimisation

    Your SEO expert will then take these findings and begin working through the priority list of recommendations on a regular basis. We find that most larger business looking to work on international SEO have a web development team for us to work with so we tend to focus more on identifying opportunities rather than implementing changes with international SEO.

    International SEO FAQs

    Should I use a ccTLD, subdomain or subdirectory structure?

    This is one of the fundamental questions of international SEO and is definitely one that you want to get ironed out at an early stage if possible. Typically we narrow it down to two choices a ccTLD or a subdirectory structure as subdirectory structures provide benefits over subdomain structures. Deciding between a ccTLD structure and a subdirectory structure is dependent on your business and infrastructure and this is something we will work with you to determine.

    Is international SEO right for me?

    This is a great question as there is a lot of work that goes into expanding your reach globally including creating a new variation of your website, translating and transforming all of the content and building links in your new country of choice. We would recommend reviewing your Google Analytics data to see how much international traffic you are pulling in from other countries and whether it’s worth targeting that area more specifically on search engines.

    Can I just translate my content to rank globally?

    You could try but it’s probably not going to cut it in all honesty. SEO is all about proving to Google that your site deserves to rank above your competitors sites and if you competitors in a different country have content written specifically speaking to a different locale then your directly translated content isn’t going to be good enough. Best practice is to transform the content by getting your in house team or an agency to rewrite it completely.

    What is a hreflang tag?

    A hreflang tag tells Google and other search engines what language your page is written in to ensure the search engine delivers the page to users searching in that language. Hreflang tags also allow you to target a specific variation of that language for example en-gb or en-us.

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