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Our PPC experts develop and manage paid marketing campaigns with a focus on your goals as well as achieving an ROI for you.

Understanding your business, using data and developing strategies to deliver exceptional results.

Managing campaign spends from £1,000 to over £30,000 per month, and over £1 million in the last 12 months, our clients trust us to deliver on their business goals.

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    Our PPC Services

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    Paid Search

    We leverage paid search to ensure your business is there when potential customers are searching. We focus on optimising the entire process from the tracking, structure and keywords to the landing pages, messaging and conversion rates to ensure you get the best ROI possible from paid search.

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    Paid Social

    Our paid social specialists help to get your brand in front of potential customers that may not be searching for your product or services. As always, we take an ROI driven approach to paid social.

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    Looking to increase ecommerce sales? Our shopping specialists have years of experience in setting up and managing shopping campaigns. From product feed management to account structure and bid optimisation, we can increase your Google and Microsoft Advertising shopping ROI.

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    Display advertising offers a cost effective approach to sharing your message across various websites. Our experts can help you to choose the correct targeting whether it’s a group of websites, or a specific audience we can make display work for you.

    Our PPC Accreditations

    We have been Google Premier Partners for over 5 years and also are recognised Microsoft Advertising partners as well. Our team of experts complete yearly exams to update their individual accreditations and ensure our knowledge of the products is industry leading.

    We complete various actions to maintain our partner statuses including:

    • Managing a minimum monthly ad spend across all client accounts
    • Hitting performance and optimisation targets set by the partners
    • Ensuring our experts are up to date on product developments with regular examinations

    Having these partner accreditations provides us with exclusive features including the ability to offer coupons to brand new advertisers and early access to certain product features. This means you get access to the latest features but through a team that is focused on your results and not the results of the platform.

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    Our Approach To PPC


    “A goal without a
    plan is just a wish”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    “The path to success is to take
    massive determined actions”

    Tony Robbins


    “A quitter never wins and a
    winner never quits”

    Napoleon Hill

    Our approach always begins with a plan. We’ll discuss your current position in the market and what you are aiming to achieve. From there, we select the most relevant PPC channels to leverage for your business and put together a fully costed plan with ROI projections.

    Upon agreement of the plan and PPC channels our experts will begin progressing the setup or restructuring of your current accounts as agreed. Our team will look at revamping areas that need improving from advert messaging to landing pages and conversion rates.

    From there we move onto the ongoing prosper phase where we are continually aiming to improve the campaigns. We use a combination of manual and automated optimisation methods to ensure your campaigns continue to improve and run smoothly.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Many PPC agencies highlight a data driven approach but at Key Principles we like to take that one step further with an ROI driven approach. So what do we mean by this and what’s the difference between a data-driven approach and an ROI driven approach?

    Data Driven Approach

    In a data-driven approach, tracking will be setup on your website providing visibility on the number of PPC enquiries. This data can then be used in the optimisation process helping to understand which keywords, adverts and landing pages are leading to a higher number of enquiries.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Whilst a data driven approach is very important, the data only provides information on the number of enquiries, not the number of sales. An ROI driven approach takes the next step of understanding the volume of PPC sales, providing more valuable data to optimise and increase the success of the campaigns.

    PPC FAQs

    How much does PPC cost?

    PPC advertising costs operate like an auction which means costs can greatly vary between different sectors. As a minimum we would recommend a monthly budget of £600 for ad spend in order to run a successful PPC campaign.

    What is PPC?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click and is usually the term used to define online advertising as most online advertising channels operate a pay-per-click model which means you only pay the advertising platform when someone clicks on your advert.

    What PPC channels are best?

    The best PPC channels will depend on your business and, more specifically, your target audience. Some business, such as law firms, sell highly searched products and services so are better suited to Google Ads whereas kitchen fitters may be better placed on Facebook Ads where they can use imagery to entice potential customers.

    Should I use one or multiple PPC channels?

    We generally encourage clients to go for an integrated, multi-channel approach. The use of multiple channels reduces the reliance on one lead source and, therefore, reduces risk to the business. For clients with a lower budget that need to scale steadily we usually being with one channel and when we have proved an ROI we phase in the additional channels in a staged approach.

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