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With the steps your potential customer takes being more complex than ever, it’s important to know which of your marketing activities and campaigns are leading to inbound calls, and even more importantly which calls lead to sales.

With most clients receiving as many calls as enquiries online, it makes sense to track the calls, remove the data blind spot and attribute calls to marketing activity… so together we can do more of what works and maximise your return on investment.

With call recording you can even learn from each other to identify what’s working and what isn’t when you get the potential client on the call.

With call information pushed into Google Analytics and your digital dashboard via Google Data Studio, you’ll see a more complete view of your marketing activity.

Our aim as always is to provide you with the best possible return on your investment, and call tracking helps us with this goal.

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    Why Call Tracking?

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    Fill Data Gap

    One of the main reasons we love call tracking is because it helps us to complete the picture of leads and sales being generated from online marketing activity. Google Ads has a built in call tracking system but it has flaws and Facebook and Microsoft don’t have one at all.

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    Call Recordings

    Another benefit of call tracking is for the business internally and this is so you can listen back on calls taken by the sales team to identify if there are any improvements that could be made in the sales cycle of if there are any common questions being asked by prospects.

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    Detailed Reporting

    We can then use the call recording data to build detailed reports either within the software itself or within a Google Data Studio report to provide you with insights into how many calls are being answered and how many are being dropped.

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    ROI Reporting

    With all of the above points in place we can then start to close the gap on ROI reporting and understand the true ROI being generated from marketing campaigns. This is particularly crucial for those sites that experience high call volumes from prospects.

    Call Tracking FAQs

    How does call tracking work?

    Call tracking works by adding some code to your website that allows the phone numbers to dynamically change on your website. This then allows the call tracking software to understand who called the dynamic number, what traffic source they came from and also record the call for listening back.

    What if my customer saves the number to their phone?

    There is the potential for this to cause issues however our experience shows that people don’t often save the phone numbers of businesses anymore. People much prefer to Google the company and call using the number found on the Google My Business listing or website. We don’t find this causing too many issues.

    Will call tracking affect my SEO?

    No, so the numbers are changed on the site using JavaScript and the original main number still remains hardcoded on the page for Google to crawl. Google themselves have a call tracking solution for use with Google Ads so they are aware of this tracking solution and don’t penalise sites for using it.

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