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Disruptive advertising to a targeted audience. Perfect for a wide range of products and services.

Paid social advertising is the perfect way to reach audiences that may not be searching for your product or services on search engines. If your target audience doesn’t know your product exist then paid social could be perfect for you.

Even if your product or service is searched for often on Google and Bing, paid social media channels can sometimes boast cheaper cost per clicks meaning more traffic and potentially more enquiries for the same budget.

Paid social is advertising on any social media platform that offers it which means there are usually options for all businesses. Facebook is a great channel for promoting a wide range of B2C and B2B products and services.

If you’re product or service is high ticket and mainly tailored towards B2B companies then LinkedIn advertising could be the channel for you.

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    Our Paid Social Services

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    Facebook Ads

    With a colossal userbase consisting of over 2.5bn active monthly users, your audience is likely somewhere on Facebook. There’s a common misconception that Facebook only works for B2C business but we have found success finding even the hardest audiences on the platform such as teachers.

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    LinkedIn Ads

    Not the cheapest advertising channel to run with but LinkedIn does offer a highly targeted professional audience for B2B business to target. Need to show ads for your high ticket product or service to people within particular companies or with particular job titles? LinkedIn could be the channel for you.

    Our Paid Social Experience

    Our team has a combined experience of over 10 years working on paid social campaigns for clients and have managed over £100,000 in ad spend in the last 12 months for clients across a wide range of sectors.

    We utilise many advanced techniques including lifetime value lookalike audiences, retargeting stacks and much more to get the best results possible for clients. We also leverage the multitude of ad placement options available on paid social channels and test different creatives from videos to still images and carousels. Constant split testing of creatives and audiences to find the winning combination is the key to success with paid social.

    Some of the sectors we have run paid social campaigns in include:

    • Legal
    • Automotive
    • Consumer services
    • Education
    • IT

    Our Approach To Paid Social


    “A goal without a
    plan is just a wish”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    “The path to success is to take
    massive determined actions”

    Tony Robbins


    “A quitter never wins and a
    winner never quits”

    Napoleon Hill

    As with any of our services, your paid social journey will start with a plan. We will map out the your ideal customer profile and begin brainstorming which advert messaging and imagery is likely to resonate best with your key target audiences.

    When we have a plan of your ideal target audience we can progress with campaign setups in the ideal paid social channels for your business. At this stage we will be setting up the tracking for clear visibility on campaign performance and creating the audiences and adverts based on the customer profile.

    Following the launch of your campaigns we will then be monitoring and adjusting going forward. Optimisation work includes reviewing advert and audience performance, testing new audiences and creatives, reviewing demographic targeting and much more.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Many PPC agencies highlight a data driven approach but at Key Principles we like to take that one step further with an ROI driven approach. So what do we mean by this and what’s the difference between a data-driven approach and an ROI driven approach?

    Data Driven Approach

    In a data-driven approach, tracking will be setup on your website providing visibility on the number of PPC enquiries. This data can then be used in the optimisation process helping to understand which keywords, adverts and landing pages are leading to a higher number of enquiries.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Whilst a data driven approach is very important, the data only provides information on the number of enquiries, not the number of sales. An ROI driven approach takes the next step of understanding the volume of PPC sales, providing more valuable data to optimise and increase the success of the campaigns.

    Paid Social FAQs

    Is paid social cheaper than paid search?

    It depends what you mean by cheapest. If we are talking the cost per click then usually yes, especially with Facebook advertising. However, if we are looking at the cost per enquiry, which is the more important metric, then it really does depend on your business. Facebook Ads usually drives traffic at a lower cost but if your conversion rates are drastically higher with paid search then it makes sense to invest more budget through that channel.

    Will I only pay per click?

    Depending on your campaign objective you may be eligible to pay on a cost per click (CPC) basis but it’s more common to be charged on a cost per thousand impressions basis (CPM) with paid social. There are pros and cons to this as if you’re advert is performing really well and has a high click through rate then your CPC will actually be lower. Inversely, if your advert is underperforming your CPC may end up being very high.

    What’s cheaper Facebook or LinkedIn?

    Again, similar to the first question it depends on your definition of cheaper, whether you mean a lower cost per click or a lower cost per enquiry? Looking at the cost per click, Facebook is usually a lot lower than LinkedIn and you can drive more traffic through Facebook with the same budget. However, you may find LinkedIn is better for your product or service and offers a much higher conversion rate at which point the higher cost per click doesn’t matter as much.

    Do you manage comments on my adverts?

    This isn’t a part of the service we offer. Our service is purely setup and optimisation of the campaigns to generate more leads for your business. We will review the comments for feedback on advert creatives to see if we need to change or update the adverts but in terms of responding to comments we feel it’s best for this to be done internally and we will encourage you to keep on top of this regularly.

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