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Increase online sales using shopping adverts on search engine results pages

Our ecommerce specialists have a wealth of experience in setting up and managing shopping campaigns. From the product feed management, account structure, bid optimisation and more. Our team can increase your ROI through Google and Microsoft Advertising shopping campaigns with a focus on high quality and high conversion values.

At Key Principles, we understand that having a good data feed is a huge factor in the success of your shopping campaigns, we can help to set up and optimise this feed ensuring that we generate the best possible outcomes for your business. And what’s more, we also work with a CSS Partner to let you connect more effectively with shoppers through Google Shopping ads.

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    Our Shopping Ads Services

    Google Ads Shopping Icon

    Google Shopping

    Looking to increase ecommerce sales? Then Google Shopping is crucial for you. Often offering lower cost per clicks than Google Search with better click through rates and conversion rates. Google Shopping can help drive large volumes of sales for your online store.

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    Microsoft Advertising Shopping

    Display your ecommerce products on the Bing shopping search results with Microsoft Advertising Shopping. Shopping adverts generally lead to lower cost per clicks and higher conversion rates making Microsoft Advertising a great channel to add to your digital marketing mix.

    Our Shopping Ads Accreditations

    We have been Google Premier Partners for over 5 years and have the Google Shopping specialisation as well. On top of that we are also recognised Microsoft Advertising partners as well. Our team of experts complete yearly exams to update their individual accreditations and ensure our knowledge of the products is industry leading.

    We complete various actions to maintain our partner statuses including:

    • Managing a minimum monthly ad spend across all client accounts
    • Hitting performance and optimisation targets set by the partners
    • Ensuring our experts are up to date on product developments with regular examinations

    Having these partner accreditations provides us with exclusive features including the ability to offer coupons to brand new advertisers and early access to certain product features. This means you get access to the latest features but through a team that is focused on your results and not the results of the platform.

    Google Premier Partner Badge
    Microsoft Advertising Partner Badge 2021

    Our Approach To Shopping Ads

    We know that all ecommerce businesses are different and have different priorities, but with Shopping campaigns there is one main goal – the purchase conversion. Our Shopping campaign set ups are bespoke to each client with a focus on priority or seasonal products, combined with defined profit margins that will ensure the lowest possible cost per sale and the highest possible average order value.

    It’s really important that you are familiar with your own targets for a cost per sale so that we can tailor our campaigns to achieve your goals, ensuring a positive return on investment for your budget.

    Furthermore, you can trust us – we will commit our time to really understanding your business, using data and developing strategies to deliver exceptional shopping results every time.

    Shopping Ads FAQs

    How do shopping ads work?

    Shopping ads primarily rely on a data feed containing the inventory of your products. This feed needs to be constructed in a specific format and contain information such as the product price, product title, product URL and much more. This feed can then be used to create shopping ads on both Google and Microsoft platforms.

    Is shopping cheaper than search?

    On average, yes, the cost per click for shopping campaigns can be lower than search. We do also tend to see lower click through rates with shopping campaigns as well but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the user can see the product image and if its not what they’re looking for they won’t click. If the shopper isn’t interested then having them not click means you aren’t wasting budget.

    What is a CSS and do you use one?

    CSS stands for comparison shopping service and this allows merchants to run adverts through a different platform but still show adverts on Google Shopping. The benefit in doing this is you generally see a 20% reduction in cost per clicks from shopping ads. We work with a CSS Partner here at Key Principles to ensure you’ll get the benefits of running ads through a CSS.

    How does a CSS partner reduce cost per clicks?

    We were sceptical of this too initially but this all came about from a fine Google received from the European Commission in 2017 amounting to a cool €2.42bn for giving an unfair advantage to its own shopping service. Following this Google has created the CSS partner programme and offered CSS partners a 20% cost per click reduction incentive to get more of them on the platform. This allows us to partner up with CSS provider and offer you the 20% cost per click reduction.

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