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Grow your business with paid advertising using the sponsored listings of search engine results pages

Our Paid Media team are experienced specialists helping you to generate more leads and sales through all areas of paid search – from Search and Shopping Campaigns on Google and Bing search engines.

Paid Search marketing campaigns are bespoke to each client and are developed and managed with a focus on driving your business growth, achieving your goals as well as achieving your return on investment.

We leverage paid search to ensure your business is there when potential customers are searching. We focus on optimising the entire process from the tracking, structure and keywords to the landing pages, messaging and conversion rates to ensure you get the best ROI possible from paid search.

Furthermore, we will commit our time to really understanding your business, using data and developing strategies to deliver exceptional results every time. You can trust us – if we don’t believe paid search is right for your business, we won’t recommend it.

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    Our Paid Search Services

    Google Ads Icon

    Google Ads Search

    As the largest search engine in the world, Google Ads is crucial to any paid search strategy with 86% of all search traffic running through Google Ads. The volume of searches on this platform enables both targeted and scalable campaigns.

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    Microsoft Advertising Search

    Microsoft Advertising search offers access to the second largest search engine in the UK, Bing. Advertising on this platform may provide much less volume than Google Ads but usually leads to lower cost per clicks and cost per enquiries at the same time.

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    Google Shopping

    Looking to increase ecommerce sales? Then Google Shopping is crucial for you. Often offering lower cost per clicks than Google Search with better click through rates and conversion rates. Google Shopping can help drive large volumes of sales for your online store.

    Microsoft Advertising Shopping Icon

    Microsoft Advertising Shopping

    Display your ecommerce products on the Bing shopping search results with Microsoft Advertising Shopping. Shopping adverts generally lead to lower cost per clicks and higher conversion rates making Microsoft Advertising a great channel to add to your digital marketing mix.

    Our Paid Search Accreditations

    We have been Google Premier Partners for over 5 years and also are recognised Microsoft Advertising partners as well. Our team of experts complete yearly exams to update their individual accreditations and ensure our knowledge of the products is industry leading.

    We complete various actions to maintain our partner statuses including:

    • Managing a minimum monthly ad spend across all client accounts
    • Hitting performance and optimisation targets set by the partners
    • Ensuring our experts are up to date on product developments with regular examinations

    Having these partner accreditations provides us with exclusive features including the ability to offer coupons to brand new advertisers and early access to certain product features. This means you get access to the latest features but through a team that is focused on your results and not the results of the platform.

    Google Premier Partner Badge
    Microsoft Advertising Partner Badge 2021

    Our Approach To PPC


    “A goal without a
    plan is just a wish”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    “The path to success is to take
    massive determined actions”

    Tony Robbins


    “A quitter never wins and a
    winner never quits”

    Napoleon Hill

    Our approach always begins with a plan. We’ll discuss what your business objectives are and begin building out campaign and keyword ideas based on what areas of your business you are looking to grow and what your paid advertising objectives are.

    We will then begin the build of the paid advertising campaigns whether it is creating the ad groups, keywords and landing pages for your search campaign or setting up the product feed, Merchant Center and campaign structure for shopping campaigns.

    From there we move onto the ongoing prosper phase where we are continually aiming to improve the campaigns. We use a combination of manual and automated optimisation methods to ensure your campaigns continue to improve and run smoothly.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Many paid search agencies highlight a data driven approach but at Key Principles we like to take that one step further with an ROI driven approach. So what do we mean by this and what’s the difference between a data-driven approach and an ROI driven approach?

    Data Driven Approach

    In a data-driven approach, tracking will be setup on your website providing visibility on the number of paid search enquiries. This data can then be used in the optimisation process helping to understand which keywords, adverts and landing pages are leading to a higher number of enquiries.

    ROI Driven Approach

    Whilst a data driven approach is very important, the data only provides information on the number of enquiries, not the number of sales. An ROI driven approach takes the next step of understanding the volume of paid search sales, providing more valuable data to optimise and increase the success of the campaigns.

    Paid Search FAQs

    How much does paid search cost?

    Paid search can be one of the more expensive digital marketing strategies but the cost greatly varies on the industry you are in. For example financial services, IT and legal services can expect to pay a much higher cost per click than clothing retailers. Paid search works exactly the same as an auction so the more your competitors are bidding, the more its likely going to cost you to compete.

    What is paid search?

    Paid search is a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that involves displaying adverts on search engines when your potential customers are searching. It provides a quick way to appear at the top of the search results and is extremely popular as people searching for products and services are often closer to purchasing.

    What paid search channels are available?

    It will come as no surprise to most that Google is the main channel for paid search as they operate 86% of the search engine market share here in the UK. However, its important not to discount Microsoft Advertising and the Bing search engine as this may not drive anywhere near as much volume as Google but often has less competition and therefore lower cost per clicks and cost per conversions.

    Also if you have an ecommerce store there is the option of shopping campaigns with both Google and Microsoft. This allows you to display ads of your products that include images and prices in the advert which can lead to higher conversion rates.

    Should I use one or multiple paid search channels?

    This really comes down to your budget but we would recommend launching with both Google and Microsoft if you have the budget available to test the performance of both channels. However, if you have a more limited budget then Google is likely the best channel to start with as this is where the volume will be.

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