SEO Audit Service

Think your SEO could be improved but not looking to outsource? An SEO audit could be perfect for your needs.

An SEO audit is often used as a lead magnet by many digital marketing agencies to encourage you to sign up for their ongoing SEO service. Whilst these audits are great, only so much time will be spent on a free SEO audit and the majority of the reports will be generated by an online tool.

Our SEO auditing service will ensure you have a dedicated SEO expert reviewing your site thoroughly using both SEO tools but also manual checks to really pick through the details of your website and understand the issues you have and where you could improve your site.

If you are simply looking for a quick overview of your SEO health then this service isn’t for you. If you are looking for a detailed analysis of your current SEO health and rankings as well as a bespoke report and list of recommendations to take away and grow your organic traffic then that’s exactly how we can help.

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    Why Have An SEO Audit?

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    Identify Issues

    Some websites can appear perfectly fine on the frontend but have a host of issues in the background you weren’t aware of. We will check for a host of issues including page load speed, indexability, incorrect response codes and much more.

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    Bespoke Recommendations

    We will finalise our audit with a list of bespoke recommendations specifically for improve the SEO on your website so you have a list of actions to take away and work on to improve your site.

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    SEO Specialists

    Your audit will be performed by an SEO specialist who manages ongoing SEO projects and is constantly learning about the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates so you can be assured that you’re in safe hands.

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    Dedicated Manager

    Our audit will be performed by a dedicated individual and will be available to answer any queries you have regarding the report. If there are any findings or recommendations you are unsure about your audit manager can help.

    What’s Included In The Audit?

    Your SEO Audit will be broken down into three sub audits and a list of recommendations, a technical audit, an on-page audit and an off page audit. Here’s a breakdown of what you will find in each:

    Technical Audit

    • Core Web Vitals review
    • Page load speed review
    • Sitemap review
    • Robots.txt review
    • HTTPS and canonical domain checks
    • 404 error review
    • 302 redirects review
    • Mobile friendliness review
    • Structure data review
    • Canonical tag review

    On-page Audit

    • Keyword performance review
    • Traffic analysis
    • Title tag review
    • Description tag review
    • Heading tag review
    • Image alt text review
    • Content length review
    • Duplicate content review
    • Thin content review
    • Internal link review

    Off-page Audit

    • External link review
    • Google My Business review
    • Bing Places review
    • Social media review
    • Review site analysis
    • Competitor analysis

    The SEO Audit Process

    The SEO audit consists of a three step process from start to completion including an initial consultation, the audit process and the delivery of the final report. Here is each step in more detail:

    Initial Consultation

    We begin with an initial consultation where we aim to learn more about your business, the keywords you wish to rank for, the locations you wish to rank for and who your main competitors are.

    Audit Underway

    Once we have collected our information your SEO expert will complete the audit using both automated and manual techniques and construct a final report ready for your review.

    Report Delivery

    We will the deliver the report and be available to answer any queries you have on our findings or recommendations either by email or over the phone.

    SEO Audit FAQs

    How often should I do an SEO audit?

    We recommend that every business should audit their SEO at least once a year but it could be quarterly for a large business that relies heavily on organic search for sales. The more reliance your business has on organic search as a channel the more time and resource you should invest.

    How long will my audit take?

    The audit typically takes 5 – 10 working days to complete following our initial consultation but this can vary based on the size of the site. We will be sure to provide you with more accurate timescales in our proposal and a deadline will be agreed in our inital consultation.

    How much does an audit cost?

    Our audits start from £750 + VAT and the final price depends on the size of the website being reviewed as well as the type of site. A large ecommerce site has more content and data to review than a local service based website. Get in touch with our team to request an SEO audit quote for your site.

    What is technical, on-page and off-page SEO?

    So our audit is broken down into these three sections but what do they mean? Well technical SEO is all of the behind the scenes bits that your users don’t usually see such as the site structure, the HTML code, the structured data etc. The on-page elements are things your users do see such as title tags, description tags, headings, images and content. Finally, off-page SEO is to do with the elements that aren’t on your site including external links, domain authority, reviews of your business and social media.

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