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Grow your business with display advertising – interruption marketing that’s targeted, tailored and integrated with your other paid advertising

Our display advertising specialists develop and manage display advertising campaigns with a focus on achieving an ROI.

With over 2 million websites and over 600,000 mobile apps, by advertising on the Google Display Network we can place your ads on the network based on where your target audience is most likely to be using demographics, their interests and browsing history.

Taking the time to understand your business, your ideal customers, messaging and offers ensures we deliver the results. With low cost per clicks, compared to Search advertising, we are big fans of Display Advertising and as Google Premier Partners, we’re accredited by Google to manage your Google campaigns.

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    Our Display Advertising Services

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    Google Display

    We take the time to understand your business, your offer and your audience, and develop inspiring campaigns that deliver your message to your target market. We display your adverts on websites that your target audience are likely to visit and deliver you results and an ROI.

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    Google Remarketing

    We improve your ROI by targeting previous website visitors that haven’t performed a desired action on your website. By showing relevant adverts to your website visitors, including the products and services they’ve already shown an interest in, we increase conversion rates as well as improve brand awareness.

    Display Advertising FAQs

    How much does display advertising cost?

    Cost per clicks are typically less than with Google or Microsoft Advertising Search campaigns. With low cost per clicks, you can start with a low monthly budget, although we generally recommend starting with at least £10 per day or £300 per month.

    What do I need to take advantage of Display Advertising?

    For Display Advertising, other than a website, you may need specific landing pages for your campaigns as well as text and graphics / images which Key Principles develops for you as part of our Display Advertising service.

    What is the Google Display Network?

    The Google Display Network is a whole variety of websites with advertising space available where your ads can be displayed. Consisting of millions of websites from news pages to topic specific websites and blogs, as well as video sites and apps, you could reach over 90% of the global internet users. However, that’s not the best way to use the Google Display Network. It’s really a case of being hyper-targeted and identifying those websites where your potential customers may visit to encourage them to visit your website too.

    What are the benefits of Display Advertising?

    Many companies use Display Advertising for brand awareness, but at Key Principles we aim to target those most likely to become your customers, or your customers again, and always aim for a return on investment.

    How do you target the right audience?

    The options for targeting vary from in- market audiences where you can target potential customers who are actively searching for the types of products or services you sell, and are actually close to buying to Similar Audiences which actually finds users that are similar to remarketing lists or even uploaded lists of your previous customers. There’s also Custom Intent Audiences, and you can even simply target particular websites based on their content.

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