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Improving rankings in your local area to be found by your ideal target audience.

Local SEO is usually the first step for any SME when undertaking an SEO project and is particularly important for those who only operate within their local area such as plumbers, hairdressers, restaurants and other consumer and professional services.

SEO for local businesses contains the same fundamentals as any other business but with some additional extras to be completed to send search engine the right signals of where your business is located and what service areas are covered.

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    Why Is Local SEO Important?

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    Search Intent

    Audiences searching for local based keywords such as “Emergency Plumber Nottingham” are showing strong search intent of exactly what they want and where they want it.

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    Storefront Visibility

    With optimised business listings you have the ability to rank in the maps section of search engines showing users exactly where your store is. This is perfect for businesses with physical locations.

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    Build Authority

    If you rank near the top of search results for your service within your target location this immediately builds trust and authority with your potential clients and customers.

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    Targeted Audience

    We aren’t trying to compete with national businesses when we don’t need to. We are aiming for a highly targeted audience in your local area and therefore cutting the competition down.

    What’s Included In Local SEO?

    With local SEO we will fundamentally be looking at very similar things as a standard SEO project but there are just a few additional extras to consider to improve those local search results. Below we have listed a sample of what’s included in a standard SEO package and what would be additional for local SEO.

    Standard SEO Actions

    • Core Web Vitals improvements
    • Sitemap & robots.txt review
    • HTTPS and canonical domain checks
    • Fixing 404 errors
    • Fixing mobile friendliness issues
    • Keyword research
    • Updating title and description tags

    Local SEO Actions

    • Optimising Google My Business (GMB) listings
    • Optimising Bing Places listings
    • Apple Maps listing improvements
    • Local website & directory link building
    • Advice on building GMB reviews
    • Name, Address & Phone (NAP) improvements

    The Local SEO Process

    Our local SEO service is an ongoing optimisation service where we will continue to work and improve the SEO on your site over time. We generally have a three step process to getting up and running with our local SEO service:

    Initial Consultation

    We begin with an initial consultation where we aim to learn more about your business, the keywords you wish to rank for, the locations you wish to rank for and who your main competitors are.

    Complete Audit

    Once we have collected our information your SEO expert will complete an initial audit of your site using both automated and manual techniques and construct a priority list of recommendations.

    Ongoing Optimisation

    Your SEO expert will then take these findings and begin working through the priority list of recommendations on a regular basis. Once the main priority list has been completed we switch from reactive to a proactive approach by identifying new opportunities and continuing to grow the organic traffic.

    Local SEO FAQs

    How different is local SEO compared to SEO?

    The large majority of optimisation actions from a standard SEO package are still applicable when looking at local SEO. The best way to think of local SEO is like an add on to base package. We still need to ensure the page load speed is high and the pages are well optimised but we also need to consider the NAP consistency, the business listings optimisation and more local SEO actions.

    Is local SEO only for small businesses?

    Absolutely not, it is highly relevant for small businesses but its also relevant for national businesses that deliver their products and services via storefront such as restaurants or retailers without an ecommerce store.

    How much does local SEO cost?

    Just expanding on the point above it really depends on how large the business and website is and how many stores you have that need optimising. Our pricing starts from £300 + VAT but can be much higher than that depending on the work involved.

    Do I need to be listed in local directories?

    In theory, no… but in practice yes. Whilst you could still optimise your site to try and rank for your local based keywords if you don’t have local directory listings and other signals confirming to Google that your site should definitely be ranked for this local based search then it will be much harder to improve your rankings.

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