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Make decisions based on accurate data and easy to understand 24/7 reports

Our Google Data Studio reports have been developed to provide you with a clear overview of all your online marketing activity; known as the digital dashboard, clients can access their reports 24/7 and adjust views to see what’s working and what’s not.

Working together we optimise activity based on these reports, and your overall goals, to ensure your objectives are not just met but exceeded whenever possible. If it’s working, we scale; if it’s not we review and redevelop, or simply stop spending time and money on areas that aren’t making a return… simple, straightforward marketing.

Our aim as always is to provide you with the best possible return on your investment.

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    Why Google Data Studio?

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    24/7 Reporting

    One of the best features of Google Data Studio is the 24/7 reporting. This means you no longer need to wait for a monthly report to be generated and sent through. You can see exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing.

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    Combine Data Sources

    If you are tired of having to switch between Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads then that’s another reason to use Google Data Studio. The ability to combines various data sources into one dashboard makes it easy to view all marketing activity.

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    Custom Dashboards

    The customisation options in Google Data Studio are seemingly endless with the ability to create simple reports that just rework Google Analytics to reports that combine data sources and perform calculations allowing you to see data for the total cost per lead across all marketing channels.

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    Easy Sharing

    Google Data Studio also makes it very easy to share the reporting with link sharing options as well as scheduled emails. This also provides the advantage of everyone being able to review the same data from the same report to ensure data is universally agreed and accepted to be correct.

    Google Data Studio FAQs

    Is Google Data Studio free?

    Google Data Studio is a free service by Google, however, there are only certain built in connectors you can use such as Google Analytics and Google Ads. In order to connect Facebook Ads or other platforms you may need to pay for a third party solution. If you take out a monthly optimisation service with Key Principles then you will benefit from us being able to use these connectors in your reports.

    Why can’t I just use Google Analytics?

    You absolutely can if that best fits your needs. However, when running ad campaigns there are certain things that are only reported within Google Ads such as the phone calls. Google Ads also reports on conversions differently depending on which attribution model you use so its often best to pull conversion data from Google Ads as well. Therefore combining Google Ads and Google Analytics data into one dashboard can help to save time when analysing performance.

    Is it actually 24/7 reporting?

    Yes, but there is a slight caveat. It’s 24/7 in the sense that you can access the report at anytime and set the date range to pull through different time periods. However, it’s always worth remembering that most ad platforms don’t report on data in real time so reviewing very recent data in past 24 – 48 hours may not provide accurate results.

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