Digital Marketing Services

Using an integrated approach to get the best results for your business.

Our team of digital marketing consultants work in partnership with clients to deliver digital marketing campaigns focused on achieving an ROI for you.

Using our three-step process; plan, progress and prosper, we develop campaigns that generate results.

We always start with tracking because “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It” (Peter Drucker), and then we complete an audit of your current activity, your priorities and your target market, to come up with a complete digital strategy that includes some or all of the service we offer below.

Be assured that we will only recommend activities we believe will generate a return for you.


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Google Ads

As Google Premier Partners with specialisations in search and shopping our experienced team of digital marketing experts can transform your Google Ads search campaigns to ensure you’re getting the most from the channel.

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Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising is a channel that many overlook. At Key Principles you will get dedicated Microsoft Advertising optimisations from your account manager and not just Google Ads imports.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very cost effective channel for achieving new enquiries and allows you the opportunity to advertise to customers who may not be actively searching for your services allowing you to expand your reach.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn contains crucial data for B2B businesses including job titles and companies of employment allow for hyper targeted B2B social campaigns on the platform. This channel is best suited to higher ticket services.


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SEO Audit

Not all websites require our ongoing SEO services, sometimes you might just be looking for a end of year review or an overall health check of your website. Our SEO Audit comes in perfect use here. We combine the power of SEO tools with the knowledge of our SEO experts to provide a report with actionable insights to improve your site.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for small businesses looking to rank high on search engines in their local areas. Our team has experience ranking businesses for various local search queries to increase search engine traffic and enquiries.

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Ecommerce SEO

Have an ecommerce site and looking to increase sales through organic search? Our ecommerce SEO service can help you to achieve this by using fundamental SEO techniques combined with ecommerce specific techniques including product structured data and duplicate product canonicalisation.

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International SEO

Global companies require a different SEO strategy ensuring that all locales are ranking in the correct countries and your users are being directed to the correct version of your site. Find out more about international SEO below.

Web Development

Web development agency specialising in SEO friendly websites with a focus on page load speed and on-page optimisation.

Ensuring your website has a beautiful design and is user-friendly is half the battle when designing and developing a website, especially if your current site has regular organic traffic.

With all of our websites we guarantee to maintain or improve your current website load speed and carry over all title tags and description tags from your old site unless they need improving.

We also guarantee to launch your website with Google Analytics installed through Google Tag Manager and all Google Analytics goals setup on your site so you have complete visibility of your new website’s performance.


At Key Principles we are crazy about website analytics. If we don’t have website analytics then we don’t know how well marketing campaigns are performing and what we can do to improve.

Therefore, we see analytics as the foundations to any campaign, we will always check and double check tracking setups before launching new marketing campaigns.

Whether you are struggling to make sense of the data you have or your data is missing altogether, our team of experts can help to put the pieces of the jigsaw back together and help you to draw actionable insights from all those numbers.

Email Marketing

Still one of the most profitable channels within the digital marketing mix, email marketing is not to be overlooked or taken for granted.

Email marketing can be used in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Upselling to existing customers
  • Improving communications with a regular newsletter
  • Approaching new potential customers
  • Improving the funnel with autoresponders
  • Reminding cart abandoners to complete their purchase

Whether you need help adding to your current list of subscribers or leveraging the subscribers you already have, we can help.


Not only do we love delivering our services first hand but our team is also prepared to help fill any knowledge gaps your in house team may have.

We offer training programmes on all of our service offerings including:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn

We have delivered many training programmes and we can be flexible in terms of the time required and the areas you would like us to cover during the training course. Whether you are looking to pick up the basics or you have a team ready to take on the more advanced features we can tailor the course as needed.

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