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Move to Google Tag Manager and have better control of your website tracking tags.

We are so passionate about ensuring we achieve results for you that we won’t work with you unless you invest in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking with us.

We’ve implemented hundreds of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics set ups; you can be assured if it can be tracked, we will track it and you’ll have direct 24/7 access to all the information via Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. No fudged data – simply straightforward, open and honest transparency that means you have a marketing partner that will work with you to generate the best return on your spend with us and on the campaigns we recommend.

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    Why Google Analytics?

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    Firstly, Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. There is a paid version of Google Analytics as well called Analytics 360 but this is only required by enterprise level customers. The standard version of Google Analytics allows up to 10 million hits per month which most businesses don’t exceed.

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    Data Collection

    Google Analytics provides a seamless way of collecting data. You simply install the tag on your website (preferably through Google Tag Manager) and you can start collecting data on users, sessions and pageviews. The add to this with event and goal tracking and you have complete visibility of your website data.

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    Integrate With Google Ads

    Google Ads pulled in over $140bn for Google in 2020 so its safe to say plenty of advertisers around the world are leveraging the Google Ads platform. Having Google Analytics allows you to share data between the two platforms for more enhanced analysis and reporting options.

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    Demographic Reporting

    Enabling an option in your Google Analytics admin area will allow you to collect data on the demographics and interests of your site visitors to understand who is visiting your site and what your converting audience currently looks like.

    Google Analytics FAQs

    How does Google Analytics work?

    Google Analytics works by installing some JavaScript tracking code on your website (we implement this through Google Tag Manager). The JavaScript then tracks when a user has visited the site and uses cookies to track who those users are and the users that return to your site to provide the information you can finally see in the Google Analytics dashboard.

    Is it GDPR compliant?

    Unfortunately this is something we are unable to advise on as we don’t have the necessary qualifications. However, we can say what setups we have see clients implement and some decide to simply display a cookie banner whilst other decide to allow users to opt out of the cookies completely. How you want the setup to work is completely up to you though.

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