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Make the most of your websites’ potential using the Key Principles SEO service.

Unlike most agencies, Key Principles focuses on not just getting more visitors to your website. We focus on getting quality visitors to your website that are more likely to enquire.

Most often, using data from paid advertising, we identify keywords that convert and focus on ranking for these wherever possible. It makes sense to choose keywords that lead to enquiries, not just visitors.

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    Our SEO Services

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    SEO Audit

    Not all websites require our ongoing SEO services, sometimes you might just be looking for a end of year review or an overall health check of your website. Our SEO Audit comes in perfect use here. We combine the power of SEO tools with the knowledge of our SEO experts to provide a report with actionable insights to improve your site.

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    Local SEO

    Perfect for SME’s looking to gain more traction within their local market. Our local SEO service helps you increase your rankings for local based search terms so you appear high on Google when your local audience is searching. This service includes core SEO principles but with a keen focus on Google My Business, local directory listings, name and address consistency and more.

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    International SEO

    Global company with a website spanning across multiple territories? Our international SEO can help you increase your rankings globally. As with all of our SEO services we cover the core principles of SEO but with international SEO we also cover extra elements including hreflang tags, international site structure and more.

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    Ecommerce SEO

    Have an ecommerce site and looking to increase sales through organic search? Our ecommerce SEO service can help you to achieve this by using fundamental SEO techniques combined with ecommerce specific techniques including product structured data and duplicate product canonicalisation.

    Our SEO Process

    Our SEO service may include the following actions completed on a monthly or fortnightly basis:

    • Review of any technical SEO items and implementation by us or provision of any changes to the web developer.
    • A review of Google Analytics and Google Search Console – any issues highlighted in the Search Console would be our first priority.
    • On page optimisation specifically reviewing title tags, descriptions, H1 tags and small content revisions where appropriate.
    • Optimisation of any new content added by you.
    • Implementation of Structured Data as appropriate. 
    • Implementation, review and updates of Google My Business and Bing Places for Business.
    • Potential amending of SEO tags based on converting keyword information from Google Ads Search (if you have this running).
    • Provision of a 24/7 report with monthly updates.

    Our Approach To SEO


    “A goal without a
    plan is just a wish”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    “The path to success is to take
    massive determined actions”

    Tony Robbins


    “A quitter never wins and a
    winner never quits”

    Napoleon Hill

    Our approach always begins with a plan. We’ll review your current website and the first stage of any new SEO client is to do a complete audit of the site of everything from keywords to structured data, page load speed, 404 errors and more.

    Once we have a fresh audit of your site we can then progress on to a prioritised list of actions that we will begin to work through. It could be that your site has structural issues or maybe you’re missing lots of meta data. Each SEO plan is different.

    From there we move onto the ongoing prosper phase where we are continually aiming to improve the organic traffic and rankings. We first aim to resolve all of the issues on the site, once this has been completed we look at ways of adding more content to grow further.

    Not Just About Traffic

    Some SEO agencies look at organic traffic as the key metric for performance but we think traffic is only one piece of the SEO puzzle. We don’t aim to drive low quality traffic to your site, we want to drive traffic that is going to lead to more enquiries and sales to help your business grow. If you are an ecommerce site we have the added benefit of being able to clearly see increases in revenue as a direct result from organic search.

    SEO FAQs

    How much does SEO cost?

    Unlike PPC, the advantage of SEO is that the clicks and traffic you get are completely free. However, the act of working on your SEO and improving it isn’t free whether you are paying someone in house to complete it or you are outsourcing to an agency. For most businesses the most cost effective solution is to outsource to an agency as you will get the expertise of someone who works on SEO all the time without another salary on the books.

    How long to see results from SEO?

    SEO is a longer term game and if you are looking for quick and immediate wins then we would recommend investing in paid advertising instead. Increasing your website rankings isn’t immediate as you make changes to your site and you then have to wait for Google to crawl your pages, update their index and then decide if they are going to rank you higher. We recommend any new client using an SEO service to give it at least 6 – 12 months before assessing the performance of the campaign.

    How important is SEO?

    We believe organic search is one of the most important channels in the digital marketing mix. If someone is searching for your services you want to be visible and get those clicks to your site. It’s no secret that Google Ads has pushed organic rankings further down the page over the years which is why we often recommend a combination of the two. If you can rank with both an advert and an organic listing in the same search results then that’s more real estate for your business.

    Why has my organic traffic dropped recently?

    This could be a for a wide range of different reasons. The first thing to assess is what kind of traffic drop are we looking at, is it a slow gradual decline over two years or is it an instant drop on a particular day or month? If it’s an instant drop then there’s usually a large issue that has occurred such as accidentally adding no-index tags or maybe a website move that has gone wrong. A slow gradual decline suggests that new competitors have entered your market and stolen your rankings or perhaps there’s more Google Ads running for your target searches than there was before and you’ve been pushed further down the search results. As you can see there’s a range of reasons so it’s worth speaking with experts to find out why.

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