Why You Need Google Remarketing

Eight Reasons To Start Remarketing Today

In our last post, we explained ‘What Google Remarketing Is?’ In this post we will be summarising the reasons we believe you need to be taking advantage of the power of Google Remarketing. I make no excuses for ‘power’; Google Remarketing is powerful.

So why do you need Google Remarketing?

We’ve come up with eight reasons why remarketing can work for you, no matter what industry, sector or service you offer.

  • You have the chance to re-connect with a previous visitor to your website with compelling, tailored messages.
  • You can help the undecided customer or client move closer to purchase. In fact, re-targeted customers are, in certain industries, 70%* more likely to complete a purchase, get in touch or leave their details.
  • You have the opportunity to offer promotions or incentives, and those clicking on the adverts can be sent to a specific landing page.
  • You can target those visitors that ‘abandoned a purchase’ in the ecommerce world or ‘abandoned the download of a document’ in the B2B environment.
  • You can also nurture visitors that have purchased or downloaded a document, with further adverts that can be tailored to their previous activity. Remarketing can be used to encourage cross selling and upselling.
  • You can achieve better costs per conversion with Remarketing compared to Adwords – in fact, expect a lower click through rate, a lower cost per click, with a high conversion rate.
  • Brand awareness is undoubtedly increased. Google Remarketing works just like Google Adwords, on a cost per click basis so you only pay for visitors to your website. However your branded advert will be helping to raise awareness whether the searcher clicks now, in three weeks’ time or in the months to come.
  • Remarketing works well as part of an integrated marketing campaign – whether you are using Adwords or not, Google Remarketing can form part of your integrated marketing.

Google Remarketing has developed and changed over recent years and months. It is very powerful marketing tool that can be used to re-connect with previous visitors with tailored messages.

In our next post we will explain the process of ‘Setting up a Remarketing campaign’.

In the meantime, if you’ve made the decision already to look at Google Remarketing, take a look at our Google Remarketing Service, contact us now on 0115 880 0211.

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