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What is Dynamic Remarketing and Is It Right For You?

We’ve all seen them, you’ve been browsing to find the latest Bluetooth headphones, a new yoga mat or your next case for the latest iPhone, only to find adverts of these products following you around.

Dynamic Display Remarketing is a step up from the traditional Remarketing methods, it allows you to not only target your adverts towards people who have previously visited your website, but to also show them the products or services they’ve viewed on your website.

This technique is perfect for all sorts of eCommerce sites. Not only does it work for retailers but also for training courses, property listings, travel (hotels, flights, etc.) and recruitment.

Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing is set up on the Display network. So once someone has viewed one of your product or service pages, they will be held in your audiences and followed around as they browse the web. Audiences or Remarketing lists are the tool that helps you to segment your audiences to target them appropriately.

For any eCommerce site, the most important remarketing lists are:
• Home Page Viewers
These people visited your homepage but didn’t move on into your site.
• Product Page Viewers
These people visited specific product pages on your website but added nothing to their basket.
• Basket Abandoners
These people added items to their basket but didn’t complete the purchase, or it could be that they completed a lead form but didn’t click to submit.
• Previous Converters
These people have bought something on your site or submitted a lead enquiry form.

If you need to boost your e-commerce site sales and want to make the most of every lead possible, and every website visitor, this is the ideal sales tool for you. You can actively target the visitors that have shown interest in your products and encourage them to return to your site with tailored adverts.

Dynamic Remarketing has proven to be effective with our clients with lower cost per acquisitions and increasing online presence. It is a key strategy within all good marketing plans for e-commerce businesses.

Want to find out how the experts at Key Principles can help you with Dynamic Remarketing, then contact us. We are here to help businesses grow.

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