What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is a tool within Google Adwords and Google Analytics that gives you the opportunity to target previous visitors to your website as they browse the internet. Effectively you ‘stalk’ your visitors with your adverts. The adverts appear on the Google Display Network which consists of websites, across the worldwide web, which allow Google to display adverts on their website. “Google’s Display Network is massive, encompassing more than 4 billion daily page views, 700 million monthly users, and reaching more than 80% of the online audience.” (Brad Geddes, Search Engine Land)

So visitors come to your website but don’t buy, contact you or leave their details for you to follow up with other promotional methods. Basically the visitors don’t perform the action that you would have liked them to perform.  Before Google Remarketing, those visitors were effectively been lost to you. However Google Remarketing gives you the opportunity to promote your business, the relevant service or even the specific product to those visitors that showed an interest. The adverts can be tailored and specific, and that way you can increase conversion rates.

With Google Remarketing, the available advertising formats increase. Besides the ‘standard’ text based advert well-known within Adwords, you can also use a variety of display advertising formats including static and animated images. Examples from Key Principles are shown here. Some of our clients’ Remarketing adverts can be viewed on our Google Remarketing Service page.

This Google Remarketing service is not just effective for ecommerce websites selling to the consumer. It also works well for business to business organisations, companies promoting services – in fact most organisations. It is also effective where the purchase cycle might be longer or where impulse purchases are unlikely as you can keep your company in front of the potential buyer while they are considering their options.

Google Remarketing has been available since 2010, and new functionality and options are being added on a regular basis. For example, dynamic remarketing was added in June 2013 for those Google advertisers with Google Merchant Accounts. Even with the updates and added sophistication of the Google Remarketing system, there are many Google Adwords customers that are still not taking advantage of the power of ‘remarketing’, sometimes called ‘retargeting’.

Key Principles is not entirely sure why this is the case, other than that many organisations might believe it is either not appropriate for them, that it is too difficult to set up or that it is expensive. These reasons are generally not true. Remarketing is effective for the vast majority of organisation, is relatively easy to set up and is cost effective.

The simple set up of a Remarketing campaign will be provided in another post but for the moment, trust us, setting up a Remarketing Campaign is not difficult and ROIs are worth investigating.

In our next post we will explain ‘Why You Need Google Remarketing’? and then follow up with ‘Setting up a Remarketing campaign’.

In the meantime, if you’ve made the decision already to look at setting up a Google Remarketing campaign, take a look at our Google Remarketing Service, contact us now on 0115 880 0211.

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