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Making your campaigns as effective as possible, more leads and sales with a better ROI.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the advertising platform that enables you to advertise on Google.

Google’s definition of Google Adwords: “A powerful online advertising tool can help you reach new customers who are searching for products or services like yours. Grow sales and maximize return on investment by targeting your ads to a relevant audience on search engines, websites and mobile devices.”

It is an online advertising opportunity where you pay-per-click, also known as PPC. This literally means that you pay for every click on your advert. Costs can vary from as low as £0.05 per click to as high as £70 and more for extremely competitive keywords. If you’ve been struggling for website visitors and struggling to get your website onto Google’s first page with SEO, Adwords is the solution for you. If you want to attract more visitors to your website, Google Adwords is the perfect solution for you.

Why use Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a very effective way of increasing leads and sales. Within minutes of a campaign going live on Google, you will start to see an increase in website traffic. Visitors will have been searching for your product or service and as such will be more likely to enquire or buy which means more leads and sales for you.

Unlock Google Adwords with Key Principles

Our Google Adwords service includes:

  • Key phrase research
  • Structured campaign development and management
  • Development of adverts including split testing
  • Improvement of click through rates, conversion rates and quality scores with recommendations for landing page improvements
  • Campaign optimisation with pruning of under-performing phrases and expansion of higher performing phrases
  • Attention to negative phrases and the addition of these as appropriate

Our overall aim is to make your Google Adwords campaign as effective as possible; generating leads and sales whilst keeping your investment with Google to a minimum and within your agreed daily budget.

Google AdWords Search Advertising Prices

AdWords Audit

(Not including VAT or Ad Spend)
From £200/Audit
  • Audit of the Campaigns History and Setup.
  • Review of AdWords at Account, Ad Group and Ad Level.
  • Extensive Report Highlighting Positives and Negatives of the Account

Search Setup

(Not including VAT or Ad Spend)
From £500/Setup
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Set Up of Campaign Including Location Targeting, Budget Settings, Ad Delivery Method and More.
  • Creation of Ad Groups, Adverts & Relevant Ad Extensions
  • Generating Negative Keyword List
  • Specialised Monitoring of the Campaign for the First 4 Weeks.

Search Optimisation

(Not including VAT or Ad Spend)
From £140/Month
  • Review Converting Keywords
  • Adjust Keyword Bids Based on Data
  • Manage Duplicate and Zero Impression Keywords
  • Report on Key Metrics (CTR, Conversion Rate and Impression Share)

Put Your Trust In Us

Key Principles has been running Google Adwords campaigns for clients since 2006 and is a Google Partner with the Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping Advertising certifications as well as Google Mobile. We work with a whole range of clients in terms of size and sector, from small insurance based businesses and locally based businesses, like letting agents, through to large IT companies and service based businesses. It doesn’t matter what sector you are in, we’ve developed campaigns for even the most competitive of sectors. All our Adwords Consultants are Google Adwords Advanced Search Certified and we have experts in Google Display Advertising, Google Shopping, Google Analytics and Google mobile.

What our clients say about our Google Adwords Service

“If you want to grow your business, I’ve now realized the fastest and most effective way, even for relatively new local businesses, is Google Adwords. Adwords is the real driver of growth and we doubled our business in just six months using Adwords with Key Principles.”

James Sylvester

Adjust Massage

“Taking expert advice is something I recommend to my clients, taking expert advice when it comes to Adwords is something I recommend to colleagues. Jackie and Key Principles have increased my business turnover whilst decreasing my advertising cost on a month by month basis. I could never achieve what these guys do. Worth every penny.”

John Walker

My School Appeal

“Trying to deal with my own Google Adwords campaigns was becoming a time consuming and costly exercise so I asked Key Principles to take a look for us. Key Principles quickly turned my campaigns around to get better quality scores, more clicks and cut my Adwords bill by 80%. I can’t recommend Key Principles highly enough.”

Paul Evans

Butler Evans

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