Five Reasons Car Dealerships Should Be Using Google Adwords

When it comes to marketing, there is no doubt car dealerships are marketing machines. From newspaper and radio advertising through to events, email, text messaging and more, car dealers in the UK are using a whole range of marketing techniques to promote their new and used cars. Here are 5 reasons why car dealerships using Google AdWords succeed better.

Here are my top five reasons why car dealerships in particular need to be using Google Adwords and need to be using it now.

Reason #1 – Your potential customers are searching for you on Google
Today, the average car purchaser makes just two visits to dealerships1 and half of all automotive searches on Google occur on smartphones, that’s up 51% year over year.2 And in the past year, search interest for “car dealerships near me” has doubled3 with interest in dealer phone numbers up over 78% year over year4.

So, there is no doubting the change in buying behaviour. Although traditional advertising has worked well in the past, it is becoming less effective as consumers are searching online more and more.

Reason #2 – You actually have less competition online

There are actually less car dealers using online advertising, and specifically Google Adwords, compared to the more traditional newspaper and radio advertising. This is great news for those car dealerships prepared to move their budgets around and invest in Google Adwords because the costs per clicks at the moment are relatively low.

Reason #4 – Simple, straight forward budgeting

Set a daily budget, maybe start as low as £10 per day, and Google won’t charge you any more than the £10 per day (over 30.4 days), so you know exactly what you’re in for and exactly what you need to do to make a return. Make a return and then scaling up is pretty straight-forward too, especially if you bring in an Adwords expert.

Reason #3 – You can make a return on your investment
With cost per clicks low, you can make a good return in your investment with Google Adwords. And let’s remember those that click on your adverts are actively searching for what you are offering. If you’re there at the right time and in the right place, on Google, you’ll get more enquiries and sales.

Reason #5 – Measureable results with online tracking and call tracking
The chances of you not getting a return on your investment are pretty slim, especially if you bring in an Adwords expert to help you. And with Google you can measure exactly what you are getting for your investment with their free tools; Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking. In fact some of these tools will help you measure your other marketing activities effectiveness too.

Of course I’d suggest Google as a Google Partner but the figures really do speak for themselves and Google has a rather large 85.71%5 search market share in the UK so it is the place to start.

Why not Facebook I hear you cry? Well Facebook is not Google. On Google the searcher is actually proactively searching for you; they want to find you. On Facebook you are interrupting their ‘social time’. Put simply Facebook is a coffee shop, whereas Google Adwords is a dating agency.

Want to find out even more?

Download the White Paper I’ve written with Google; Marketing for Car Dealerships and the Need to Move Online here or take a look at our recent Car Dealership case study. Alternatively take decisive action right now, call me on 0115 880 0211 or email me now and we can help you build your business using Google Adwords.

1 2015 Google / TNS Auto Shopper Study – United States. Consumer Barometer n=500
2 Internal Google data
3 Google Trends, United States, July 2015 vs. July 2014
4 Google Trends, United States, August 2015 vs. August 2014

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