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Client: TMS Motor Group
Sector: Automotive – Car Dealers
Service: Google Adwords


Bronwen Mackenzie, Marketing Manager at TMS Motor Group believed there was an opportunity to use Google Adwords more effectively to drive enquiries and business for the ambitious car dealership. The company were already using newspaper advertising, PR, events, social media marketing, as well as trialing Adwords.

Bronwen approached Jackie of Key Principles with the objective of using Google Adwords to accelerate growth. During the initial 12 months, Key Principles, using Google Adwords, drove over 600 enquiries via the website and over 280 phone calls.

As the true value of Adwords was identified, TMS has increased the number of campaigns running from an initial two to 12 currently, and with a further four more planned. Daily budgets have increased too from £10 per day to £50 per day.


TMS Motor Group has serious growth ambitions.  The opening of a new showroom in Hinckley in early 2015 and the addition of the Kia brand was part of this growth strategy. Of course these investments meant the dealership needed more enquiries and sales; enquiries for the new showroom as well as enquiries for Kia cars needed to happen and happen quickly.

TMS was already using more traditional marketing communications methods like newspaper and radio advertising, PR and events. They had also started to use social media marketing and Adwords. However, the company were fairly certain they were missing opportunities with Adwords.

To increase enquiries via Google Adwords, Bronwen of TMS approached Jackie Key of Key Principles to help increase enquiries from Adwords specifically.

How We Helped

Two campaigns were set up initially for the Volvo brand. With the opening of Hinckley showroom, the campaigns were extended to include Warwickshire and the surrounding area late January 2015.

The success of the Volvo campaigns in driving enquiries, calls and sales meant the implementation of Kia campaigns was a formality. The Kia campaigns started at the end of February 2015, as soon as appropriate website pages were available.

Primarily focused on new car sales, the Adwords campaigns have been extended further with the addition of servicing.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The impact of the new Adwords campaigns was felt immediately.

The Adwords campaign set up previously generated only 4 conversions in 6 months. The campaigns set up by Key Principles generated over 234 conversions; an increase of 5750%!

However, it’s not just about enquiries, with Key Principles, it’s also about ensuring the maximum number of quality enquiries for the lowest spend.

Cost per conversion is a key performance indicator which continues to reduce over time.

Click through rates have improved overall from an initial 2.5% to 7.4%, with Kia brands click through rate at 10.4% currently.

Conversion rates are at 5.8% overall.

“We’d tried Adwords but without great affect and we decided we needed a specialist in Adwords to really see how powerful this marketing channel could be for us. Since Key Principles started working on our campaigns, it would be fair to say we’ve seen a significant increase in enquiries and business.” 

Bronwen Mackenzie

Marketing Manager, TMS Motor Group

The AdWords Figures For 12 Months Were:

  • Number of enquiries reached 880 plus
  • Click Through Rate went from 2.5% to 7.4% with the Kia campaigns achieving a high of 12.96%
  • Cost per Click is stable
  • Cost per Conversion dropped by 53%

Growth For TMS In 2015 Was Well Above Industry Averages!

Additional campaign ideas have already been researched and four more campaigns will be implemented in the near future.

Remarketing is also under consideration as a way to continue to build the brand and encourage further enquiries.

“We’ve continued with the traditional marketing such as newspaper and radio advertising, PR, and more. However the addition of Google Adwords has certainly helped with our recent growth. We will continue to use Adwords and expand its use over time. And I would no hesitation in recommending Key Principles to business associates who want to start using Adwords.”

– Bronwen Mackenzie, TMS Motor Group

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