Bing Ads For Business; Bing Making a Big Difference

Advertising on Bing for your business can be an effective way to target and connect with your potential customers.

Are you being found on Bing? Bing is the second most popular search engine in the UK, gaining over 20% UK market share according to Comscore Reports (2016), and it is the default provider for many new devices, especially Microsoft products. With the Bing Ads platform, your business can be found on Bing too; find out how some of our clients are using the benefits from Bing to promote their business.

Bing has been challenging Google and Yahoo to be the best search engine since 2009, and in 2012 they relaunched the Bing Ads platform and created an alliance with Yahoo to create the Yahoo! Bing Network. This allows marketers to advertise through Bing Ads to be shown on Bing, AOL and Yahoo owned and operated sites as well as Bing, AOL and Yahoo syndicated search partner sites.

If Bing isn’t part of your online marketing mix, it should be. Recently Wine Corner, the specialists in wine cellar design storage systems saw conversions increase from Bing Ads in July 2017 and achieved a very low cost per conversion; seven times lower than with Google Adwords. Other businesses using Bing Ads with Key Principles have seen increased sales throughout the year, with a subsequent increase in impressions and visitors to their websites.

If your company is having success with Google AdWords, there is also likely to be a great opportunity with Bing. Despite many focusing on Google, we shouldn’t forget about the importance of Bing and Yahoo in completing an integrated online advertising strategy. Bing offers a slightly different approach to Google, using different algorithms; so optimising to become number one on Bing is a different challenge.

Marketers and advertisers on Bing often do very well. We have found the cost per click on Bing Ads far less expensive than on Google; sometimes by as much as 50% less expensive on average, with better click through rates and conversion rates. Apart from Bing being more cost effective, the similarities between Google and Bing include the ability to add extensions to highlight your businesses other offerings. However, some features of Bing stand out to appeal to users and marketers.

Nevertheless, we have found for some clients the Bing Product/Shopping Campaigns have been less successful than Google Shopping, producing a lower click through rate and greater cost per acquisition.  The Google AdWords shopping offers the user a greater choice of products with an option to view the product shopping ads to in its own section. 

Bing provides targeting options to reach your target audience; filtering using demographics, locations and device. The search providers are different in terms of how ads are ranked; whilst AdWords uses Quality Scores, Bing provides campaign opportunities to optimise the campaigns. Like Google, Bing is constantly striving to improve the advertising platform, with new features expected on the platform including social extensions; allowing users to find your social media pages. As an Accredited Professional Bing agency we get valuable insights and data from Bing.

The Bing platform appeals to the older generation in particular so if your products are appropriate for this audience, Bing is definitely to be considered.

Bing is user friendly and is the second most used Search Engine with over 20% of the market in the UK – if you’re already using Google Adwords, it makes sense to add Bing Ads too.

If your business wants more from their Paid Search campaigns and needs help or is interested in Bings Ads, contact Key Principles, the Accredited Professional Bing agency, and one of our marketing experts will be happy to help.

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