Verify Your Facebook Business Page: How to Do It & Why It Is Important

What Is a Verified Facebook Page?

Verifying your Facebook page provides your page with a verified badge. This badge is a mark of authenticity from Facebook to let users know that the page is officially owned by that person/business. This feature was rolled out by Facebook back in 2013, following suit from Twitter who had implemented their ‘blue tick’ verification for certain celebrities, public figures and businesses. On Facebook there are two types of page verification, one for public figures, celebrities and brands and one for businesses and organisations. A blue badge can only be granted by Facebook and is given to authentic pages representing public figures, celebrities and brands. The verification type we will be focusing on awards the grey badge which is granted to businesses and organisations. While the blue badge can only be granted by Facebook, the grey badge can be applied for by any business or organisation with a Facebook page.

Why Should I Verify My Page?

So, why should you verify your business page and get that grey badge? Well there are several advantages to verifying your Facebook page and we have provided a quick breakdown to each of the main advantages below.

  • Your Content

Whenever visitors and followers see content on your business page the verified badge acts as confirmation that the content has come from your business and is accurate information.

  • Establish Authority

The verification badge establishes your page as trustworthy and reliable for new visitors. Users will see that Facebook have verified your presence and understand that it’s the correct company page.

  • Higher Search Results

By obtaining a verification badge, Facebook will rank you higher in their search results, helping you attract more visitors to your page and gain a bigger reach with your posts.

Verifying Your Facebook Page

Now you know why you should verify your page I guess you want to know how to do it? There are two ways to verify your page and they are both simple and straightforward. The quickest way is to verify the page using your company phone number, you will receive a quick automated call from Facebook providing a 4-digit code to enter. If you are unable to verify by phone then you can scan, upload and send company documents to Facebook instead. Unfortunately, this process can take a little longer to complete as Facebook will manually check the documents so it can take a few days to confirm.

So, are you ready to get started and verify your business page? Follow our step by step guide below and let’s get you verified!

Step 1: Log in to your personal Facebook account where you are an administrator for your Facebook page. Head over to your Facebook page and click settings in the top right-hand corner.

Step 2: In the ‘General’ tab find ‘Page verification’ and click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Verify this page’

Step 3: A pop up should appear. Click ‘Get Started’ in the pop up and enter your business phone number, country and call language. To verify by phone, you must have your business phone number publicly listed on your Facebook page and the number you provide to Facebook must be the same one.

Step 4: You will receive an automated call from Facebook providing a 4-digit number to enter. Enter this number and your page should automatically be verified and that’s it, you will have completed the verification. If you have any issues via the phone method then progress to step 5 where you can verify with documents instead.

Step 5:  In the pop up window click ‘Verify this Page with documents instead’ at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: To verify by documents you must scan, upload and send the file to Facebook for verification. You can use one of the following documents in this process:

  • Business utilities or phone bill
  • Business licence
  • Business tax file
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation

Step 7: When you have sent off your documents to Facebook you will have to wait a while for the verification to be approved. They will send an email to you when the verification process is complete and you have been granted the verified badge.

After verifying your Facebook page you will be credited with a badge that looks like this and your page will be provided with all the advantages mentioned earlier on in this article. For further information on how to verify your Facebook page head over to the Facebook Help Centre.

If you need any help with page verification or you require any of our social media services please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email at or phone at 0115 880 0211.

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