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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): Improving Your Pay Per Click

Paid search produces impressive results for many businesses, and Key Principles is using the multitude of Adwords features to help businesses improve costs per click and online leads. It’s not just about having the right keywords that can be used for targeting online, tools such as the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) work alongside keywords to improve your online targeting and cost per click.

According to Google only 2-4% of all site visits produce a transaction or desired action, for example downloading information or completing a form.1 To encourage those who leave the site without a purchase to return and purchase, Google offers remarketing and RLSA to retarget users online.

In previous blog posts, we have spoken about the ‘Power of Google Remarketing’, ‘What Google Remarketing Is’ and ‘Why You Need Google Remarketing’. This post will go through what RLSA is and how they help businesses market online.

What is RLSA?

Remarketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to drive leads and conversions from paid search. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) is a Google Adwords feature which is highly effective in allowing marketers to adapt search campaigns based upon users who have interacted and engaged with their website or app.

By implementing RLSA strategies marketers have the capability to optimize campaigns depending on if users have previously visited the website or app, and recognizing which specific pages a user may have viewed similarly to traditional Remarketing.

How is RLSA different to Traditional Remarketing?

Cost Per Click and Paid Search can remain expensive for many businesses, especially for those in highly competitive markets such as Law and Finance where the cost per click can be £25, with RLSA this can help cut costs.

Similarly, to display remarketing, RLSA use cookies to track users and add them to lists for the advertiser’s use. However, RLSA is not the same as display remarketing; RLSA lists are used differently to traditional display remarketing. RLSA show text ads to users who are searching on Google using bid keywords within your campaigns. Whereas display remarketing ads are used when users are browsing on the Google Display Network; Google’s ad network of AdSense publishers who have signed up.

So, there are many benefits to taking advantage of RLSA lists to improve your Paid Search campaigns.

Key benefits of RLSA?

Retargeting to those users who have visited the website or used the app; these users are effectively the most qualified customer group you can pursue due to their existing interest in the service or product you offer.

RLSAs allows search campaigns to be adapted to target more valuable, appropriate and qualified users who are already aware of your website or app.

These remarketing audiences are valuable, allowing marketers to understand the group of users, their buying patterns, and intentions.

Therefore, when implementing RLSA well this can produce an improved use of ad spend, increased chance of conversions and a higher Return on Investment. The next section will go through this in more detail.

RLSA Strategies?

For RLSA to be implemented well it can be used in several ways. Advertisers first of all can make bid adjustments on Ad Groups for RLSA user lists who are searching Google using their targeted keywords. Another method will be to arrange certain Ad Groups to work and display ads if user(s) on RLSA lists are searching with keywords that the business is bidding on.

Here is a list of possible things you can do with RLSA:

  • Show ads to visitors of your website, or a specific product/service page, by creating ad groups with more generic search terms that the user may be searching for on Google.
  • Tailor ads to those who have visited the website or app.
  • Test the business brand campaign with the RLSA lists, to see how engaged the consumer is.
  • Bid on competitor terms, for example RLSA lists with non-converted users may be looking for other competitors on the Google Search Engine.
  • Also, turning off ads for converted users. However, this may not be best if the business to upsell to those converted users.
  • Increase bids to more important users, these can be gender specific or based on how much the user is likely to spend online.
  • Decrease bids to less important users.

Get started with RLSA

To start building RLSA lists you will need to add the remarketing tag to your website (or Google Tag Manager), if it hasn’t been added already. This tag allows you to segment website visitors in to remarketing lists, which can be used for Adwords search and/or Remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network.

Overall it is important to build audiences which create value to your business, and makes sense to your business services. The business targeting and segmenting plans you have for your business, whether geographic or demographic, will be enhanced by using RLSA to help identify the best prospects for your company.

For more information on why remarketing is effective and the benefits it has for businesses, revisit Key Principles blog on the remarketing. And if you’d like to try Remarketing, contact us on 0115 880 0211 or use our contact form.

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