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Promoting Events & Open Days with Countdown Ads Using Ad Customizers

Ad Customisation and Countdown Ads are a great way to promote your product or event online, and generate a sense of expectation and urgency. The customisation allows you to adapt your text ads and be more relevant to your potential customer, keeping your ads up to date in real-time. We as humans and consumers place a greater price on an item that is scarce compared to those that are plentiful, and with countdown ads you can create a perception of rarity by highlighting deals, items left in stock, and days left until your event or sale ends.

This post will go through what Ad Customisation is and specifically what Countdown Ads are, how they can be used, how they work and we’ll even provide an example of how they look.

What is Ad Customisation?
Ad Customisation uses a set of parameters where Google automatically updates your ad in real-time, by inserting a keyword, countdown timer, or any other information you would like. Allowing you to upload one ad and getting numerous ad variations automatically through Google. Saving you from manually editing or changing the Ad each day.

These Ad Customizers can be used in any text ad on Google Search or Display Networks. They can also be displayed on any part of the Ad, including the Headline or Description, excluding the display URL.

There are different types of ad customisation, this post will consider Adwords Countdown Ad customisation.

What is a Countdown Ad?
Countdown Ads are typically used to inform potential customers about your sale or special events. You may see these ads used a lot by advertisers for Black Friday, Cyber money, and Daily Deals Countdowns.

Countdown Ads are a type of ad customizer, which can be used on both Search and Display Networks. They insert dynamic text into Adwords ads, which counts down the days, hours, and minutes that are left for the sale or event. These can be set in the audience’s time zone, or any time zone you would like.

How Do Countdown Ads Work?
You can create Countdown Ads for either a single event or multiple events. For one event, use the COUNTDOWN Function: {=COUNTDOWN(“YYYY/MM/DD 09:00:00”)}

Using the Google Ad setting, you can place in the ‘Event Closing Date’ (typically the day of the event, or when the sale ends), and you can start the ‘countdown’ how many days before the event you wish. However, you need to be careful as the Countdown Ads use more characters than a normal ad.

You must make sure that in any ad group that includes ad customizers, you also have at least one ad without customisation in use. This ad is used as a backup if your Countdown Ad has ended or something goes wrong with your ad customisation.

Examples of Countdown Ads
We have been working with Sami Tipi, the award-winning tipi hire events and wedding company, helping them increase registrations for their Spring Showcase using Google Adwords and Countdown Ads.

Below shows our current ad for Sami Tipi, and the countdown in seen here within the description line, ’25 days’. The countdown automatically changes each day to the date of the event.

Sami Tipi Countdown Google Ad Example

Below are some examples from Google, demonstrating how to use Google Customisation Ads for either sale events, or greeting events.

If you have any queries on countdown ads or would like help improving your online presence and sales, get in touch with us.

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