Funkyfones Grow Business Quickly With 22% Turnover Increase In Under 6 Months

Funkyfones, a phone repair shop based in the Victoria Centre Market, Nottingham was able to grow business quickly with a reported 22% increase in turnover for the first quarter of 2014 using Google Adwords.

Marcus Nelson, owner of Funkyfones, highlighted how Google Adwords, has allowed his company to compete and grow business quickly in a tough and very competitive market with the help of Key Principles.

Funkyfones, approached online advertising agency, Key Principles, to help them make the best use of Google AdWords by optimising the campaigns regularly, this enabled Funkyfones to compete online.

Jackie Key, managing director at Key Principles said:

“We are really enjoying working alongside Marcus to help his company grow and hope to carry on growing profits throughout 2014 and for the long term future.”

Jackie continues,

“As Google Partners, we work with a wide range of clients and we get to see many businesses such as Funkyfones grow on a daily basis. We’ve always believed Google Adwords is the best online advertising method to grow quickly and see strong ROI, and we believe that Funkyfones is the perfect example of this.”

For  more information about how Key Principles helped Funkyfones grow their business, please see the full case study here.

Marcus, from Funkyfones went on to say,

“Turnover increased by 22% with the Adwords campaign easily paying for itself. The campaigns worked so well that we’ve continued with the campaigns ever since the initial set up. We’ve also increased the use of Google Adwords by extending the campaigns to include additional services beyond the Apple product repairs.” 

Marcus commented, 

“Key Principles has helped us grow our business, generating leads and sales for us. They obviously know what they are doing; they’re real experts and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business that wants to grow.”

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