Content with Purpose: Making Content Marketing Work For SEO

When it comes to SEO, the general agreement is that adding interesting, valuable content is the key to improving your natural or organic rankings on Google and other search engines. This is where content marketing with purpose comes into play, creating new and exciting content that will attract attention and traffic

In reality, if you want SEO benefits, there is more to it than simply adding content to your website; the content needs to have a clear purpose. That’s where you can use data from your Google Adwords and Google Analytics to identify converting keywords and target them or alternatively, but less useful as the information is estimated, use Google’s Keyword Planner.

These tools from Google can help you identify keywords to target with your content marketing. There’s more though as I’ll explain with our top three tips:

  1. Look for keywords with less competition

SEO has certainly got more difficult with the loss of the right hand side Adwords adverts on Google’s Search Results page now dominant. There are simply fewer organic listings available so you really need to target phrases with less competition – the untapped long tail keywords (basically the keywords with more words).

Even so, this can be tricky in some markets, but rarely is it impossible and it becomes easier when you are a local business. There are still untapped niches out there.

  1. Have a scalable system for producing blog content

I’ll be honest, it gets towards the end of the month and I think I need to write a useful blog post for my clients and associates. Invariably I’ll have something I’ve been thinking about but then it can be a rush to get the blog sorted. I’ll type it up myself and think about images and even add the blog to my website. Now this isn’t a scalable approach so as of next month I’m going to be dictating my blogs posts and I’ll be sending them off for transcribing. I may try or look for a virtual assistant to help with the typing up.

  1. Be consistent

One of the best ways to be consistent is to have a content calendar for six months or a year even. If you plan out what you are going to write about the updates are generally more logical and can be grouped into themes. This will make writing the blogs or news content much easier and quicker. You can even write a few blogs at the same time – this often speeds up the writing process as you are in the flow.

Other ideas to consider include varying the length of your posts and articles too. In fact over 1200 words is generally best so make sure you have some longer blog posts and articles as well as some shorter ones.

Finally don’t forget to promote your content on social media. You want to get as many likes, tweets and shares as you can as they are signals that people find your content of value.

At Key Principles, we went through a period of posting new content on our blog and news sections regularly and then just stopped doing it. We’re back onto it now as it really does help.

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