The Winner Takes It All!

It’s been a great few years for our sportsmen and women. Most recently, we’ve had the Davis Cup win, Johanna Konta became the first British woman to play in a Grand Slam semi-final for 33 years at the Australian Open, Andy Murray is currently playing in the semi-finals and his brother isn’t doing too bad either! Like sport, business is a game of opportunities and Key Principles can help you maximise the opportunities and win on Google today!

I love sport, I love the competition and I love winning. Just this weekend I scored a goal playing hockey and that feeling is fantastic. We also won 3-0 and to be honest two days later, I’m still on a high. In business, just like sport, it’s great when you are winning. With 30 years in business and sales and marketing, with 15 years running my own businesses, things have changed so much yet the opportunities to win are better.

There’s one tool that I believe can change the fortune of many businesses small and large, and that is Google Adwords. Using this tool, if you can generate a regular stream of leads and sales profitably, you can beat your competition.

In a world where problems are solved by a ‘Google It’ philosophy, it almost certainly pays to be on Google. If you can win on Google, you’ve won because winners can literally take it all.

Google offers a level playing field for small, local businesses to compete with the larger chains and larger companies. And trust me, local businesses can win.

Marcus Nelson of Funkyfones, Nottingham commented, Turnover increased by 22% with the Adwords campaign easily paying for itself.”

“Business has doubled in 6 months… that’s since we started using Adwords to promote our business!”  James Sylvester, Adjust Massage, Lady Bay, West Bridgford Nottingham

So if your business is doing OK or even really well, but you’re not using Google Adwords, try it now. You can be the Winner That Takes It All!

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