Which is best Google Adwords or PR?

Where do you spend your money? On Google Adwords or PR?

I’ve been asked a number of times by small businesses where they should be spending their money. Specifically should I spend money on Google Adwords or PR?

So what’s my take on this?

Well, the two activities tend to be used for different objectives. PR is often about brand building and awareness which will potentially drive visitors to your website or perhaps even encourage them to call you. It can also be used to help develop the company or organisation as an authority in their field and is often used today to add content to your website… Rarely a bad idea.

Google Adwords on the other hand for me is all about generating leads and sales. Using carefully targeted search terms you attract the right visitors to your website, directing them to the exact page that will answer their question, give them their solution or lead them to purchase or to provide their details to you.

So each activity is used for quite different reasons. Perhaps not surprisingly for those that know my area of expertise I would go for Adwords before PR. However I will say that the two can work very well together. In fact I have evidence from a number of Google Adwords client accounts that Adwords can actually work more effectively if you have already built brand awareness locally or nationally.

Basically the more aware your target audience is of you, the better click through rate (ctr) you tend to have – where a client has a 10% ctr in one area, they see a ctr of as high as 18% where they are more well known.

Google likes a good click through rate; it helps with your quality score and therefore is likely to help reduce your cost per click and can even help with conversion rates… That means more leads or sales.

So which is the best Google Adwords or PR? From my perspective, if you have the budget available do both and if not I’d generally recommend Google Adwords as a starter for almost any business.

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