What’s on the way from Google and the Google Performance Summit?

As if the disappearance of the right hand side adverts on the Google Search Results page wasn’t enough, the Google Performance Summit (held on Wednesday 25 May) highlighted numerous new initiatives from Google around Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

In a ‘mobile first world’ Google confirmed they are ‘innovating for micro-moments’ so that during the moment that matter most, Google is there with the right information with a mobile first approach to marketing with an understanding of intent and context.

As part of this the company announced at the Performance Summit:

  • A re-engineering of the Google Adwords tool, saying the changes are the biggest since Google introduced Google Adwords 15 years ago
  • Mobile adverts with longer headlines and one expanded description line that will be 80 characters long
  • Bidding will be more flexible with control across all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile – great news for all Google Adwords advertisers
  • Improvements to the Google Display Network making it easier for advertisers to get involved with a new ad creation tool that should help you create ‘beautiful’ adverts
  • Next generation local search ads was announced giving local businesses the opportunity to increase footfall into physical stores as the divide between the physical world and online gets smaller and smaller
  • Customisable business pages that can show what is in-stock in-store giving local shops the opportunity to increase footfall further
  • Google Maps will include promoted pins where you can encourage potential customers nearby to stop off at your shop as they go towards their final destination
  • New advert formats specifically for the automotive industry which look very exciting and will offer dealerships significant opportunities
  • Remarketing is to be extended and will utilise the masses of data available giving advertisers increased reach
  • New ‘Similar Audiences for Search’ will be coming soon enabling you to further extend your reach
  • Demographics for Search Ads will provide the opportunity to adjust bids based on demographics like age as Google continues to invest in Audience insights
  • Improvements in the data sharing between Adwords and Analytics were announced so that opportunities can be identified quicker so you can focus your business and accomplish more
  • New Overview Pages as well a New Campaign Creation Flow was announced for Google Adwords

There were also additional announcements around Google Analytics 360 Suite. Google is certainly moving fast and the new functionality will be added to Adwords accounts over the coming months.

We will of course make you aware of the opportunities that the changes will offer your business as we move forward. It is certainly exciting times for all those that use Google to help their customers and prospects find them online. We will be there to make sure you capitalise on the changes, and we know there are more announcements on the way. We’ll keep you up to date with the opportunities.

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