Why You Should Use Auto-Responders

A regular email campaign may not always be your best course of action when wanting to contact your customers. If you wanted to send an anniversary email to each of your subscribers, exactly one year after subscribing, you will go mad and waste days setting up a different campaign for each individual person on separate days. This is where using Auto responders come in handy.

What is an auto-responder?

Auto-Responders are an emailing service that allows you to plan ahead with ready-made emails to send. These emails can be sent on set days such as Easter, Birthdays, etc… or at a set time, such as a week before Christmas, or exactly a week after purchasing a product, etc… The emailer can be sent to one individual or a group of people all in one go, depending on how you set up the campaign originally. Of course, it’s vital to understand how to email your mailing list: what to say, how to say it and how often as well! For more help with this, I recommend this excellent video from Nick Pratt TV.

What are the benefits of Using Auto Responders?

The primary reason why you would want an Auto-Responder is because it saves you time. Auto-Responders only require an initial set up and the rest is ready to be activated whenever someone subscribes or completes an action to trigger the auto-responder. This means you no longer need to update and amend your emailers. The Auto-Responder will be automatically triggered when you have a new subscriber or after a purchase has been made.

You can set any time frame for your Auto-Responder. Do you want your customer to receive a thank you email, exactly 7 minutes after purchase? No problem, the auto responder can do that. Do you want to send all your customers a birthday email? Auto-Responders can look after that for you too. Apart from the original set up, which takes as much time as a normal emailer set up, there is nothing extra you will need to do.

Auto-Responders allow you to remain personal and memorable. So if you want to send your customer a message a month after purchase of a certain product, the Auto-Responder will automatically send the perfect message with the exact product bought. Not only does this show extra customer care, it also reminds your customer about you and hopefully entices them to buy from you again.

If you want to start using Auto Responders and implement them for your Email Marketing campaign have a look at our Auto-Responders Services and give us a call today on 0115 880 0211 or email us. For regular Marketing news and advice, follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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