Top Ten Tips For Email Marketing Success

The key to email marketing success – Get the basics right first

The task of the subject line of any email you send is to persuade the recipient to open it. The first sentence has then to convince them to read the second – and so on. This is a useful discipline to remember as you create your sales or marketing emails. Ten top tips to help:

1. Find the key benefits and use them quickly

Many emails start by talking about the sender. What really interests the recipient is the answer to this question: “What’s in it for me?” You grab their attention with key benefits which offer a value in exchange for their reading on.

2. Don’t save a vital benefit for the end

You are not a magician aiming for a “big finish”. Saving a vital point is not much use if a bored recipient has stopped reading half-way through.

3. Make it look simple

You may have a fair bit to say. That’s okay, as long as it’s relevant. However, aim to split the content into short paragraphs so that, at a glance, it appears easy to read.

4. Make it sound clear

Recipients read as if a voice is telling them your message in their head. If it’s complex, full of jargon, or long-winded, you have just provided that person with three reasons to give up.

5. Make it seem easy

The less effort involved in the reader doing what you want them to, the better the chance they’ll do it. So find the simplest way for them to contact you, order the product, and so on.

6. Use the power of three

As in a public speech, once you have identified the key point of your email, find three different ways to say it throughout. This helps them to recall it at a later stage.

7. Talk to the recipient

Throughout your email, aim to use terms that refer to the reader rather than yourself or your company. So “we offer…” becomes “you can benefit from…”

8. Use more than a spell-checker

Your email might pass the above but fail a sense test. This is where you sue the wrong word (did you notice)? Try to have someone else read it for meaning – you may simply see what you think you’ve said.

9. Check their name

I receive regular emails that not only misspell my name but, occasionally, suggest that I have suddenly changed sex. They are not read!

10. Follow-up

Whether it be with another email, telephone call or personal contact. A single email is not marketing, no matter how good your offer or important your message.

You need to be in contact with customers and prospects on a regular basis and email can certainly help with this. Email marketing works best when combined with other communication methods and as part of an integrated marketing approach.

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