Google Adwords: 6 Tips For Landing Pages That Convert And Generate Leads

Google Adwords: Top 6 Tips For Converting Landing Pages That Generate Leads and Sales

When you’re spending money with Google using their Adwords system, it makes sense for you to ensure that you get the maximum number of leads or sales from those visitors you have paid to come to your website.

When it comes to Adwords you need to consider the click through rate, but you also need to make sure you have landing pages that convert, that are generating leads and sales. How do you do this? Here are six quick tips to help you increase your landing page conversion rates.

  1. Relevance – Perhaps the most important factor from Google’s perspective and something that will affect the quality score Google assigns to a key word is the relevance of the landing page. For me, that is completely reasonable. When a searcher clicks on your advert, they want to know immediately that they are in the right place, so it makes sense to have phrases on your page that match what they have searched for and ideally you would include those phrases in a headline as well as in the body copy. Top tip number one has to be to produce specific landing pages for specific Ad Groups and at the very least for your campaigns. The more specific you can be with your landing pages, the better.
  2. Headline – your headline needs to have impact and ideally include the phrase or phrases relevant to the search query your visitor will have used. It is good if you can include a call to action in the headline.
  3. Offer – make it a good offer and if you want to generate leads you need to offer your visitors something that is of value to them based on their search query. If you have a book, e-book or whitepaper include an image of the book and give and provide a description of what is covered in the book. Give the white paper in return for the visitors’ first name and email address.
  4. Don’t ask for too much information – it is generally best to ask for the minimum information from the visitor. First name and email address works fine as it means you can contact them by email subsequently. You could use an auto-responder email system and send the book, whitepaper or e-book directly to their email inbox. It might be worth testing whether a link to your privacy policy, even if visitors don’t click on it, actually increases or reduces conversion rates.
  5. Include a relevant testimonial – a relevant recommendation from a client can work wonders. Include a photo with the testimonial for authenticity and you are on to a winner.
  6. Calls to action – make it really obvious what you want the visitor to do and be creative with your call to action button. Let me put it this way – submit really doesn’t seem very friendly.

There are so many other elements that you can consider including the use of colour and making sure your call to action button stands out, use of arrows to direct visitors around the page, use of awards and seals of approval. All of these tips will help you to generate several converting landing pages

If you start with the top 6 above and make changes to your landing pages as suggested, I’m sure you’ll see a boost in leads and sales.

Google Adwords is a great way to generate leads and sales for most businesses.

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