Three free website checking tools

When it comes to finding out how your website is doing, there are some useful free website checking tools available that can really help.

Of course there are Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics which offer some great insights. Google Webmaster Tools can even provide actionable recommendations. However, there are also some other free tools which we often use to check websites and are worth using. Here are three that we use regularly.

1.       Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader is a free website checking tool. Go to and enter your URL and email address in the boxes provided.

Your website will then receive a score out of 100 and recommendations that are split into Mobile, Lead Generation, SEO, Social Media and Blogging.

Our website is currently achieving a score of 79 out of 100.

If you click on read more or the left hand navigation, you’ll see recommendations to improve your score. For Key Principles, we have just one recommendation around our mobile site.

TIP: If you sign in with Hubspot Marketing Grader, you can actually grade yourself against your competitors! It also provides Traffic Rank, Indexed Pages, Linking Domains and mozRank and information on what these rankings are all about.

2.       Broken Link Check

It is good practice to check for broken links on a regular basis. For this, you can go to Simply pop your website address/URL in the box provided and ask the tool to ‘Find Broken Links Now’.

3.       Web Page Speed Test

Your Web Page Speed can be checked using Google Developers Page Speed Tool. Simply go to and enter your website address/URL in the box provided and click ‘Analyse’.

You’ll receive scores out of 100 for your desktop and mobile websites as well as suggestions for how you can improve your scores and therefore improve your page load speed. Importantly Google and other search engines like websites that load quickly so it makes sense to improve your website speed. They even include suggestions with red exclamations and yellow exclamations which help to prioritise the actions you need to take.

There is also information on page speed in Google Analytics under Content.

Of course there are plenty of other tools out there, but if you are going to check your website, I’d start with these three tools.

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