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Interning At Key Principles

My Time Interning At Key Principles

Previously to my week at Key Principles I was advised to do some reading about Adwords Fundamentals as well as read “Adwords: a practise guide for a small business” by Jackie Key. The book really helped with clarifying Adwords fundamentals and really helped with the visual aspect of creating ads.

My first day started in the conference room where the Monday meeting was to commence, Terri set up the laptop in readiness while waiting for the others to join she told me the story of when she interview Jackie for the job at Key Principles. When everyone settles with coffees in hand each member of the team talking through their many things to do this week (some were very long lists), as well as what they didn’t get round to do last week. As I was last to come round to, I was given a few task myself to get on with, which was, firstly to write diary entry at the end of the week to talk about my experience at Key Principles. To also watch and learn from Kamran doing optimisations for a few clients including discussing some new adverts, as well as watch Malik set up Facebook Ads and social media optimisations. Creating a report on competitors, giving my opinion on the Key Principles website and lastly coming up with a survey to send to clients about their experience with the team. When that was all done the team as a whole discussed a few clients whose campaigns needed to be reviewed with discussions about client concerns and where to change strategies.

So my first task of the day started with going through with Kamran how to do optimisations; lucky for me he had to do three so it really stuck in my head and this really made me realise how import keywords are. The negatives words are then filtered from all the searches related to the keywords (which I must say can take some time) as well as looking at some searches which may suggest new keywords. At lunch I had meet with the next office team who are from the h22solutions whom are the entertainers for lunch time, well to be exact George and everyone else exchanging banter with him. When lunch was finished I decided to crack on with the competitor’s research.

On Tuesday when I got into the office I carried on with the competitors which included looking at their websites, seeing what services they provide and what events they attended. Then looking at their social media where their followers are higher, what they are doing wrong or right, and what sort of content they post. Also trying to find a pattern for their social routine. Malik called me over to watch him set up a Facebook ads, and I did not realise how effective it was. I do believe I asked many questions, and whether or not it irritated him he did not show it and he was very patient.

Wednesday, I put the competitors information into a report so social media was one and the website into another. Then I targeted the survey, so looking at previous surveys used by the company and reading the what vital in a survey, I had come up I with what I thought would be found easy and quick to answer such as ‘how did you come across Key Principles’ .

Thursday had a different start I went to BNI with Jackie which was very interesting; very structured, not that I understood all of it, but I did my attempt of a 60 second talk about myself (mine was more like 15 seconds). I had spoken about my amazing time at Key Principles.  When we got back to the office we went straight into the conference room for Jackie to update the team on her learnings at the workshop she went to about LinkedIn. It was surprising to know the statistics of LinkedIn which made us realise we better sort out our own profiles, including Terri’s who had been avoiding it, so have I to be honest, not that I admitted to it. So as we were in the conference room Jackie thought it be a good idea to go through my competitive report. So I discussed where I thought we could improve based partly on what the competitors are doing, which I believe I had help the team figure out some solutions. Just before the end of the day Jackie had shown me how they do keyword research. I did not realise how useful Google was until I got here. I had never heard of Google Trends before then. You really do learn something new everyday, but in this case more like every hour.

Which leaves me with my last day, which predominantly was writing this blog post. Malik thought it would be a good idea to go through social media optimisation and I gave my thoughts on exactly what should be checked once a month to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Overall I had a great, successful week. I have learnt a lot from everyone. So many thanks to you all for this excellent week!

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