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How To Write Emailers in 6 Steps

Six easy steps to writing the perfect emailer

Emailers are a great way of getting direct contact with your clients or customers. One of the quickest and most personal ways to let everyone know exactly what you are doing is by emailing them directly. Most people will check their inbox daily, and you want to be in their inbox as a weekly reminder. 

1. The Subject Line

The first challenge you will encounter when drafting your emailer is the subject line. You will find a million different sites that all say different things, some say to use names, others to strictly avoid using them. Some email marketers say use numbers in your subject line, others to avoid them like the plague. Our advice would be to not over complicate it and simply write whatever is the most relevant. Keep it short too. Don’t worry too much about power words, digits, stats, ‘rebellion’ words or targeted offers. Just write what it is you want to say in a friendly manner and keep it brief.

2. Make It Interesting

Hopefully, your subscriber has now opened your email. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Are they going to be interested in this email?” You need to ensure that you have written something that either benefits your reader or is of interest to them, so make sure it’s something they would like to know.

3. Keep It Short

Just like with the subject line, you want to keep the email short and quick to read. No one wants to spend 20 minutes reading an email.

Tip:  Set yourself a time limit to actually write the emailer. If you only have five minutes to write an emailer you are guaranteed to keep it quick and to the point.

4. Where’s Your Personality?

Add some personality to your email. You are human, and your customer should know that. Use phrases that you would use in daily conversion, the more you act and speak like a friend, the great the likelihood that your reader will start trusting you like a friend.

5. The Importance of YOU

Don’t forget to use the word ‘You’, it is one of the most persuasive words in the English language. With this one single word you can change the attitude of your emailer completely by targeting it directly to YOU the reader.

6. Add Links

If you have a lot to say, try and add links on to your email instead of bulking up the email too much. This will keep your email short and give your recipients a feeling of control of what they would like to read. Using links can also help you to identify what your readers are most interested in reading about.

The above is a guideline as to what you should consider when writing your emailer. The most important thing to remember is to keep your messages relevant, useful and friendly. These three aspects are the core success factors of any email campaign.

If you have any other questions about writing emailers, please call us on  0115 880 0211 or email us. We provide a selection of emailing services, such as newsletter, auto-responders and auto-responders series, if you would like to discuss an emailing option that best suits you, call us today to speak with our marketing experts.

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