How To Improve Quality Score In 8 Steps

Increasing Adwords Quality Score is one of the first steps any Google Adwords consultant should make in order to lower Actual CPC (cost per click) and therefore reduce Google Adwords spend.

In order to generate relevant and targeted Ads on the Google Search Network, Google has put in place a system to reward online marketers that produce relevant ads. For highly targeted and relevant Ads, keywords and landing pages Google will reduce your cost per click.

With marketers all over the world coming up with ways to increase Quality Score to reduce cost, we have decided to compile our own list. If you are managing Google Adwords for your company and are struggling to increase your Quality Score, our 8 tips could be the solution to your problem.

Improve Adwords Quality Score In 8 Steps

1. Relevant Keywords

If you’ve started your first campaign you may think you want to drive as many people as possible to your website. This can lead you to creating a huge range of keywords that will attract as many people as possible. The first trick to Google Adwords is to research your product and generate a base of RELEVANT keywords. Make sure that every keyword is relevant to your product or service, landing page and advert. The more relevant the keyword is the higher the Quality Score.

2.  Create Themed AdGroups

This is certainly the case if you have many products and services or you are targeting a wide variety of different markets. Creating themed AdGroups will make it easier to optimise your campaigns and keep track of your keywords.

3. Keyword in the Advert

Make sure that your keyword appears more than once in your Ad. It should be in the title and possibly in the URL and description. The more the keyword appears in the Ad, the more relevant the keyword and Ad appear.

4. Don’t Forget the Negatives

The more negative phrases you add, the more likely your Ad will appear to your ideal target audience. This will increase CTR (click through rate), which will in return raise your Quality Score.

5. Landing Page Relevance

Are you directing your audience to the right page? A high bounce rate will lower your Quality Score. Make sure you’ve directed the searcher to the correct page to ensure they don’t click straight off your page. Simply directing visitors to your home page is unlikely to generate a high Quality Score or leads and sales.

6. Create New AdGroups

Are a set of keywords dragging your Quality Score down? It could be the case that you should create a new AdGroup which concentrates solely on these keywords. You will see that your keyword will increase from 3/10 to 6/10 minimum; it certainly works for us.

7. Split Testing

Testing your Ads, and finding the Ad that has the highest CTR will help increase your overall Quality Score. If your Ad isn’t performing as well as another, try and beat it and create a new Ad. By always testing new Ads, with new keywords you will find the ideal text that will attract your ideal audience’s attention.

8. Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

The best way to ensure that you are always improving your Quality Score is by continuously optimising your campaigns, AdGroups, keywords and Ads.

If you follow these 8 simple steps, you will soon see your Quality Score improving and therefore seen a drop in Actual CPC

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