Google Adwords Quality Score

If you’ve started using Google Adwords, you may well have come across Quality Score. I’m sure you have been wondering what is it exactly and most importantly, why does it matter? We explain here what the Google Adwords Quality Score means to you in simple to understand terms.

What is Google Adwords Quality Score?

A Keyword Quality Score is based on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. The Quality Score is based on three main factors:

1. keyword relevance to the ad (does your ad mention the keyword)
2. keyword relevance to the landing page (does the landing page contain the keyword) and lastly
3. historical statistics on the keywords CTR – Click-Through-Rate or expected CTR.

Why Quality Score Matters?

So now we know exactly what a Quality Score is, and I’m sure you are thinking well why does it matter to me? Well it’s actually one of the most important factors you want to get right when using Google Adwords. Here are the two main reasons why:

Reason 1: Beat Your Competitor.

Google Ad Rank will score your Ad so that it positions you in the best place based on your CPC and your QUALITY SCORE!  The higher the quality score, the more likely you are of beating your competitor and positioning yourself above them in the Google search results page. This means that your Ad would in theory appear before theirs and hopefully receive a higher amount of leads and sales as a consequence.

Reason 2: Save You Money.

Not only does having a higher quality score put you in a better position over your competitors but it will actually reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC). Google rewards it’s advertisers by reducing your actual CPC based on how high your quality score is. Here’s the Google Adwords actual cost per click formula:

Make sure you always keep track of your Quality Score when performing optimisation; this will give you a better understanding of what keywords are under-performing and whether an Adwords restructure is required. If you have further questions about any other Google Adwords Terminology, see here.

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