Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising: Two Common Mistakes

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising: Two Common Mistakes During The Adwords Setup Process and How to Avoid Them (So You Don’t Waste Money)!

When it comes to Google Adwords, it is very easy to spend loads of money without getting the results you need or want. Below are two common mistakes that beginners to Google Adwords often make which can mean you end up spending more money than necessary.

  1. Not opting out of the Google Display Network – you want to make sure you set your campaign for Search only. Search is Google’s own search engine and their search partners whereas as Google Display Network includes Google’s network of partner websites.

You’ll need to make the change to the campaign settings as the default setting is Search and Display. Google suggests that this is the ‘Best opportunity to reach the most customers’ but it would also be the best way to burn your budget and have less control of your campaign. I would never recommend combining Search and Display. If you want to trial the Google Display Network option, do this with a completely separate campaign.

2. Not Setting Your Location – Targeting the wrong location or not using localisation when it is relevant in your phrases can be an issue.

Make sure during your Adwords set up that you consider what area of the world or UK you are going to target. With Google Adwords you can effectively target a small area – a city or county for example. There are three ways to do this:

i)  Use Google location targeting which uses IP addresses

ii) Include your location in your phrases

iii) Do both of the above and then make a decision on which way to go (really!)

What is right for your business will depend on where you are targeting and how specific you are about the area you want to target. It may be that you will have to test all the options before coming to a conclusion. And with mobile devices you may need to think it through again.

The use of Google’s location targeting has always been a little tricky because of the use of IP addresses and a post from Ginny Marvin on Search Engine Land shows just how tricky it is for everyone.

Google Adwords offers an instant presence on this dominant search engine and used correctly can generate leads and sales without costing the earth!

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