Google Adwords: The Importance of Negative Keywords

Using Negative Keywords In Your Google Adwords Campaigns

A common mistake of many when setting up and managing an Adwords campaign is not thinking about or setting up negative keywords at the Campaign or Ad Group level.

Negative keywords are vital. These keywords are the words where you wouldn’t want your advert to appear. These phrases might include:

  • Free
  • Cheap
  • Job
  • Career
  • Blog
  • News

They may even be quite specific and relate to your industry. You need to think through the phrases and make sure you add them as negative phrases.

When you first start looking at the phrases you want to target Google will also suggest phrases that you wouldn’t want to be found for – don’t simply ignore them, note them down and include them in your negative phrase list.

Then add them to your Campaign or Ad Group by scrolling down to the bottom of your keyword list and copy and pasting the keywords into the Campaign.

A further mistake with negative keywords is neglecting them once you’ve started your campaigns. You need to monitor what you are being found for through the Search Terms report and add any phrases or words that you wouldn’t want to be found for into your negatives list for your Campaign or Ad Group.

Go to your Keywords tab, go to Search Terms All and review your phrases. There may be some that you would like to add to you campaign but there will also be some that you don’t want triggering your advert. Note the phrases down and make sure you add them as negatives.

By continually monitoring what you are being found for and by adding negative phrases on a regular basis you will be ensuring that you do not appear on Google Adwords for phrases that are not relevant to your business and its objectives. Your Adwords campaigns will be more focused. You’ll also be saving your Adwords budget for the phrases you really want to target. You won’t be wasting your money.

If you’ve tried Adwords and it hasn’t worked for you, we can help make it work for you. If you want to grow quickly, Google Adwords is an important part of the marketing and lead generation mix.

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