Google Adwords: The Importance of Keyword Selection

Google Adwords: The Importance of Keyword Selection and Match Type

When it comes to setting up your Google Adwords campaign, it is important to spend some time thinking about the keywords you want to use in your campaign. You can very easily spend a lot of money with Google Adwords on keywords that are expensive and popular, but don’t actually generate leads or sales. This blog post provides details of Google Adwords keyword selection and how to use keywords selection so that don’t waste you money.

Below are some aspects relating to Google Adwords keyword selection which will help you to develop a focused keyword lists.

1.       The Motive

The keywords you use are so important. Google Adwords is getting more and more competitive so it pays to be selective and targeted.  Not being selective about the keywords you target and not thinking about the motive behind certain phrases is often an issue.

With Google Adwords we want searchers that are close to conversion. Ideally, we want visitors that have already completed their research, know what they want and are closer to buying or making an enquiry. So, when you look at your potential keyword list, think about the motivation of the searcher and consider removing phrases that may be at the discovery stage.

2.       The ‘Long-Tail’

To make your budget go further also think about the longer phrases potential searches might use – otherwise known as ‘long tail’ phrases. These phrases included three or more words, have lower search volumes but also have less competition.

More than this though, these long tail phrases often mean the searcher is closer to buying or making an enquiry. Searcher behaviour shows that people start with may be two words at the beginning of their searching and then increase the number of words as they understand what they want more and refine their search.

With as much as 50% of searchers using long tail phrases, it pays to target them. You will generally have less competition so your cost per click will be lower and you are also likely to have better conversion rates.

3.       The Match Type

With Google Adwords you have a number of options with regard to keyword match type. These include broad (the least control), modified broad, phrase and exact (the most control).

I tend to recommend for Google Adwords search campaigns that you use two to three phrase types:

i) Exact – your phrase is in square brackets and your advert only appears if someone keys into Google’s search engine that exact phrase. This match type gives you maximum control as your advert will only appear if the exact phrase is used.

[Your phrase here]


ii) Modified Broad – you set this up so that each word in your phrase has a + sign before it, as shown below. With modified broad, you have more control than with broad match. You are specifying that you advert will trigger only when the searcher includes certain broad match keyword terms or their close variants. Close variants include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, and stemmings such as “fish” and “fishing”.

 +Your +phrase +here

iii) Phrase – the whole of your phrase is in speech marks. With phrase match your phrase triggers for close variants, just like Modified Broad but it also triggers when the phrase is included in a longer search term. For example, say your phrase is “electrician Nottingham” and someone searches for “best electrician Nottingham”, your phrase would be triggered (unless for some strange reason you had included “best” as a negative keyword).

“Your phrase here”

By using these three match types you won’t ‘burn’ your budget as quickly and you’ll have more control.

If you are using broad phrases, I would recommend that you change these to modified broad and also ensure that for every modified broad you also have the exact version.

One other issue worth highlighting at this time is the need to your Ad Groups to be ‘tight’. Don’t have too many keywords and/or different keywords in the same Ad Group. You want you Ad Groups to contain similar phrases so that your adverts and landing pages can reflect the phrases people are using.

On a separate point, there are also negative keywords which will be discussed in the next post.

Google Adwords offers an instant presence on this dominant search engine and used correctly can generate leads and sales without costing the earth!

If you’ve tried Adwords and it hasn’t worked for you in the past, we can help make it work for you. If you want to grow and grow quickly, Google Adwords is still an important part of the marketing and lead generation mix.

If you’re running an Adwords campaign and would like help with its management, or if you would like us to look at your first Google Adwords campaign, please contact us on  0115 880 0211 and we will be in touch.

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