Google Adwords: Get the tracking right

Google Adwords: Get the tracking right (so you don’t waste money!)

If you plan to trial and use Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising, you are going to be spending money with Google so it makes sense to ensure you spend the least amount of money for the maximum number of sales or leads. So before I even start a Google Adwords campaign for a client, I make sure all the tracking is in place. With Google Adwords, getting the tracking right before you start is crucial. By doing this, we can monitor what is happening and optimise the Adwords campaigns accordingly.

The aim is not to waste money; to get the maximum number of sales and leads for the lowest spend possible with Google. What tracking do we set up?

1.       Link your Adwords and Analytics account

It is a good idea to link your Adwords and Analytics accounts. By doing this you can then see information that normally resides within your Analytics account in your Adwords account. Why is this important? The new information you see can really help you optimise your Adwords campaigns.

You can see by keyword additional information such as ‘Bounce Rate’, ‘Page Visits’, ‘Avg Visit Duration’ and ‘% new visits’ which can be useful in identifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ phrases. As you can imagine this really does help with campaign optimisation as you can see which phrases are really not providing visitors that are ‘interested’ in what you have to offer. It makes the removal of underperforming keywords easier.

 2.       Set up Conversion Tracking

Conversions are the key and you want to make sure that you are tracking them. Conversions are when a visitor from your Google Adwords campaign performs the action you wanted them to perform. The action they perform might be to buy something for an ecommerce website or download a white paper or e-book, sign up to your newsletter or make an enquiry.

You can track this activity; you need to track the conversions. With Google Adwords a conversion will show on a specific keyword so you can see which Campaigns and Keywords are the most effective at generating leads and sales.

If you haven’t got conversion tracking set up, go to Tools and Analysis and Conversions and follow the instructions to get it set up.

A good click through rate is great, but it is the conversions that you should be aiming for with any marketing campaign.

Google Adwords offers an instant presence on this dominant search engine and used correctly can generate leads and sales without costing the earth!

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