What Gets An Ad Disapproved By Google

There are a wide range of online advertising laws that can prevent you from advertising online, and Google too have their own set of policies which stop you from promoting or advertising in certain ways.

Advertising rules vary from country to country and are also dependent on the market sector in which you operate. However we have created a list of the eight of the most common things that can get your Advert disapproved by Google. Make sure that you are not making these common mistakes.

8 Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Ad Disapproved

1. Back Up Any Claims

Do you state that you are the cheapest, the best or the number 1 company in your Ad? If that is the case, you must back up this claim in the landing page. If you cannot prove that you are the cheapest, best, number 1, etc… then your ad will get disapproved. Google want you to create accurate and trustworthy content, so make sure your Ad is 100% correct before activating

2. Trademark/Copyright

Are you promoting a product that is trademarked or has a copyright? You may be a reseller or a repair shop for a trademarked item, but you could find your Ads get disapproved. If that is the case you must contact Google and the company that has trademarked their product to get permission to use their trademark.

3. Mailbox Notification

Have you made your Ad look like a mailbox notification for extra impact? This will definitely get your Ad disapproved. You do not want to trick your audience, make your advert is clear and truthful.

4. Call Extensions

You may have added a call extension to your Ad and this too may get your Ad disapproved. Make sure that your phone number is correct; it’s not a premium number, not a fax number and that you have a voice-mail in place in case you are busy.

5. Character Limits

You must ensure that your Ad doesn’t exceed the maximum length of characters specified by Google which are:

Headline = 25 Characters
Description 1 = 35 Characters
Description 2 = 35 Characters
Display URL = 35 Characters

6. Do Not Click Here!

You must not reference in your Google Ad ‘click here’, ‘see more’, ‘Simply +1’, etc….

7. Punctuation & Symbols

Text Ads should be comprised of solely text and numbers. You are not allowed to use repeated punctuation, non-standard symbols, bullet points and ellipses. Google will let you use one exclamation mark but it is not allowed to appear in the headline. Google want to make Ads appearing on their search network to look clear and easy to read.

8. Capitalisation

Only capitalise a word if it is trademark, branding purposes or common abbreviations and coupon codes. Your ad will be disapproved if you write ‘FREE’, ‘CHEAP’, ‘EXCLUSIVE’, etc…

These are some of the most common mistakes to make when creating your Google Adwords Ads, so make sure you keep it honest, truthful and easy to read, otherwise your Ad will get disapproved. There are many other advertising policies, depending on your industry such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc… so make sure you research the advertising policies for your sector first.

If your Ads have been disapproved and you would like to take a look at what you’ve been doing wrong, give us a call on 0115 880 0211 or email us. We are more than happy to help you get your Google Adwords Ads approved and working again, so you can carry on generating leads and sales. 

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