Google Adwords Adverts: 7 Tips For Google Adwords Advert Success

7 Tips For Google Adwords Advert Success

When it comes to text based adverts on Google, there are so many tips and tricks that can help improve your click through rate. Your click through rate is the number of times your advert is clicked on compared to it being seen.

If your advert is seen but not clicked on, your click through rate will be low and you there is a good chance that you’ll have to pay Google more to get a good ranking on their listing. Improving your click through rate is therefore important if you want to keep costs down and optimise your campaigns.

Below are some things to consider when developing your adverts.

1. Think about every single word because space is limited.

With the text based adverts you have 25 characters for the headline, 35 characters for the two lines below the headline (the description lines) and 35 characters for the display URL. It isn’t a lot so it pays to consider every single word and your punctuation too.

2. Make sure you split your test adverts

In every Ad Group we recommend that you have two adverts running. One of the keys to improving your click through rate is to keep split testing adverts.

The click through rate is about how effective you advert is at encouraging searchers to click on your advert. By split testing you can keep trying to beat the best performing advert.

TIP: As a rule once an advert as had 300 impressions, it is fair to assume that this is the click through rate the advert is likely to achieve so at that point you can try a new one. 

3. Make sure your advert reflects the keywords in your Ad Group

You need to make your advert as relevant as possible to the phrases in your Ad Group. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your advert. Also if your advert includes words that are in the search term a person uses, those words will appear in bold. This means that as the searcher scans through the adverts, your advert could stand out.

Here is an example from Evans Cycles.

This is why it is important to keep the keywords in any Ad Group as similar as possible.

4. Include benefits, features and a clear call to action in your advert

How you structure your advert is important. Here are two options which could help with split testing:


The headline: You want to include an interesting headline that will grab the searchers attention and includes the key words.

Description line 1: Service or product benefit

Description line 2: Service or product benefits and a clear call to action such as Contact us, Call us, Buy now, etc.

Display URL: Don’t forget this one, you can tailor your URL so it is worth doing.

Option 2:

The headline: Compelling headline but different to option 1

Description line 1: Service or product feature

Description line 2: Service or product benefits and a clear call to action such as Contact us, Call us, Buy now, etc.

Display URL: A variation on option 1

5. Use all the extensions you can

Google gives you the option of including a variety of extensions. We would suggest you use them as it increases the size of your advert. Looking at the Evans Cycles advert for example, they are using site link extensions (the links below the main advert) and social extensions (630 followers on Google+).

There are a large number of extensions available including site link, location, social, call, offer extensions and more. Check them out and implement them.

6. Keep split testing

It pays to keep split testing and improving your click through rate. By improving your click through rate, you’ll be impacting your overall quality score. You’ll hopefully be keeping your cost per click lower than it would have been with a poor click through rate.

Just changing one word or adding punctuation can make such a big difference so we always recommend an on-going programme of split testing adverts.

7. Make sure you have specific landing pages 

The conversion rate is about how closely your advert matches your landing pages and how effective your landing pages are. This brings us nicely to landing pages.

So many advertisers on Google Adwords direct their adverts to their home page. This is very unlikely to be the best page for your visitors that you have spent money with Google to get to your site.

If you’re spending money getting visitors to your site, it makes sense to take them to tailored content. Directing your Google advert to your home page rather than a specific page related to your advert is really not a good idea.

TIP: Tailor your landing pages to your campaigns and Ad Groups. Make sure you focus on your USPs and benefits and very clear calls to action.

There will be more on landing pages in future updates.

Google Adwords is a great way to generate leads and sales for most businesses.

If you’re running an Adwords campaign and would like help with its management, or if you would like us to look at your first Google Adwords campaign, please contact us on 0115 880 0211 and we will be in touch.

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