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Google Adwords Advertising: Common Mistakes With Adverts and Landing Pages

Remember: once they click you want them to become a lead or a sale!

Spending money with Google is easy. Making money with Google can also be easy – if you know what you are doing. Below are two common mistakes that are made in relation to adverts and landing pages which can affect how well or not your Adwords campaigns are running and just how many leads or sales you generate for your investment with Google.

1. Not split testing adverts (having only one advert in an Ad Group)

In every Ad Group it is recommended that you have two adverts running and that you include your keywords in your advert. There is a lot of information available on the best practice for your Adwords adverts but the key is to keep split testing adverts with the aim of improving the click through rates and conversion rates. The click through rate is about how effective you advert is at encouraging searchers to click on your advert. The conversion rate is about how closely your advert matches your landing pages and how effective your landing pages are. This brings us nicely to landing pages.

2. Not having specific landing pages

So many advertisers on Google Adwords direct their adverts to their home page. This is very unlikely to be the best page for visitors, yet you spend money with Google to get them there.

If you’re spending money getting visitors to your site, it makes sense to take them to tailored content. Directing your Google advert to your home page rather than a specific page related to your advert is really not a good idea.

TIP: Tailor your landing pages to your campaigns. Make sure you focus on your USPs and benefits and have a very clear call to action.

There will be more on landing page optimisation in our next Google Adwords post as we believe the landing page is very important in converting visitors to leads and sales.

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