Five Ways to Integrate Your Email Marketing

Five Ways to Integrate Your Email Marketing with Everything Else You Do

Marketing is all about strategy. Think of it like a diagram. You take parallel lines of strategy and you cross them over, so that they’re both integrated and separate. It’s a type of cross-pollination.

Follow our suggestions, and you’ll have a base to build the rest of your integrated email marketing platform.

1. Use the sharing and connecting social media buttons effectively

Your emails should be connected to your social media platforms, in several ways, so that you can allow your customers the chance to help you. Social media is the new word-of-mouth, and personal recommendation still works well. If you include both sharing and connecting social media buttons on your emails, your blog, and at the top and bottom of your web pages, you give your customers the opportunity to easily assist you with the promotion of the email content, and they also have a chance to follow you online, as well as promote your emails and other updates for you.

2. Give people the chance to opt in to your emails

If you add email opt-in buttons to your social media platforms as well as your website, you’re continually giving people the chance to connect on a more personal level with you. Personal works, so do it. You could even include email sign up buttons on your staff email signatures.

3. Link to information on your website

You need the cross-pollination to work right across all social media platforms, including your website, and your blog, so when you send an email out, buzz about it on social media. Link the emails and the social media posts to specific and relevant pages on your website. That way people can go there for more information, and may even look at more on different pages.

4. Create web pages which are versions of your emails

Some people still don’t receive emails as HTML, so you need to have a link which will lead them to your all-singing email as it was meant to be seen on your website. You can then link to these on social media updates too. Don’t forget the email opt-in button on those pages.

Some email marketing tools allow you to include your emails on your website as a ‘Newsletter Archive’. Check out whether the software you are using does that.

5. Use everything to promote real time events

Giving a webinar? Organising an event? Exhibiting at a trade show? Promote it on social media and include details on your blog or news page of your website. Host competitions and giveaways on social media, and ask them to sign up to your email newsletter as part of the deal.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the enormity of what integrated marketing can offer, just remember that it’s no different from the old-fashioned ways of marketing, but now you can lead people to the water and they’ll drink out of interest. That’s the way forward.

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