Eight great reasons to look at email marketing again!

One of the great truths of humanity is that we always find ways to abuse the wonders that we have created; and the internet and email are certainly no exception.

No sooner have we created the holy grail of instantaneous written communication, potentially able to penetrate the furthest, darkest and remotest places in the world, and get a reply within minutes, than we have to go and spoil it all. We suddenly realise that we can send millions of the damned things, if we have the contacts, at almost no extra cost. The trouble is, that’s what we did; over and over and over again.

So, what happened? They have done what audiences have always done and voted with their feet. And to put almost the final nail in the coffin they collectively coined the derogatory term – ‘spam’.

However, before we over-react, let’s give email marketing another chance and look again at what it has to offer.

As a medium, email marketing actually has some key features that make it a unique tool for businesses and marketers. Here are the eight reasons to look at email marketing again.

1. Instant gratification

For the receiver of the email, response is effortless and instant. No having to pick up the phone, no coupons to fill in and no website to navigate. All they have to do is hit ‘reply’, if you’ve designed the email well, they don’t even have to type anything.


2. Little upfront investment

This one’s for you; no matter what size of business you are. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to design a highly efficient marketing message, but it does mean that you don’t have to commit to printing thousands before you can even send out one.

Campaigns can evolve as you gain experience and measure response.

3. Targeted and individual

Because you don’t have to make that investment, you can afford to tailor your message and your offer to different market segments, even to the level of individual targets, if the potential return is there.

4. Alive and dynamic

By the creative use of content and links you can tease your way through to direct engagement with that one person who matters – the customer or prospect.

Email gives you the full artistic palette of words, images, sound, animation and video to appeal to almost every sensory preference.

5. Measurable

Email marketing is measurable. Most, if not all email marketing software, provides you with great metrics. It will tell you opened it, if they clicked on a link, if they forwarded to a friend and more. This is really useful information which can help you to develop more targeted emails in the future. What’s
more you can actually measure return on investment (ROI) really easily!

6. Can generate leads and sales!

There is no doubt that with the right target audience and an appropriate, interesting and enticing message at the right time that email marketing can and will generate leads and sales for you.

Anecdotally clients of Key Principles have successfully used email to generate registrations for events as well as generate leads and sales.

And then look at this statistics:

Two thirds of companies (66%) rate email marketing as ‘excellent’ (22%) or ‘good’ (44%) in terms of return on investment. (Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, Econsultancy, April 2013)

Email marketing as a channel was the third overall lead gen source for marketers in 2013, producing 13% of all leads. (Hubspot)

7. Easy to integrate

Email marketing works well on its own but works even better when combined with other marketing activities. Follow up on opens and clicks with phones calls. Include social media channels on your emails to encourage connections.

And finally.

8. Talking benefits

No matter what marketing media you choose, unless you are offering relevant benefits targeting a recognised need, then you’re wasting your time. It’s like advertising stair lifts for the elderly in a Club 18-30 brochure, it just isn’t going to happen and you might as well just send out begging letters.

On the other hand, if you’ve done your homework into the market, and you genuinely have something of value to say, then few media offer the raw power of email marketing to grab their attention in a nano-second and get an instant response before life steps in and distracts them.

If you’re not using email marketing to reach your customers and prospects, you are missing a trick! Email marketing is not dead, it is alive and kicking and working well for many organisations. It’s time to look again at email marketing.

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By Jackie Key
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