Build it and they will come: Building a website costs money, and that’s just the start

Start up advice – I blame Kevin Costner and his film, Field of Dreams from way back in 1989. Build it and they will come he said. He actually said “If you build it, he will come” (Telegraph, 2014). But let’s not get too concerned on the exact quote. Well I’ve got some old news… build a website and they will not come. Not in big numbers anyway and not quickly.

Before you even build a website; whether you’re doing it yourself or commissioning a web developer, you need to think about the following:

  1. Do people want what I’m going to sell? Do they really want it and what will they pay for it? And can I find out if they will buy it before I go to the expense of building a website?
  2. Does the business model work? Can I make money? Noting that you will almost certainly have to spend money on marketing and advertising.
  3. And then the crucial element, how will I get visitors to my website and what will it cost? What budget do I need to set aside to get visitors and sales?

As a rule of thumb, you could spend £5k on a website and expect to spend another £5k on advertising – seriously you can’t expect to drive visitors to your website and get immediate sales. That does happen, but not always. You need a budget for advertising that gives you a fighting chance of success.

So before you even commission that website build, consider your budget not just for the website, but also for the advertising you will need.

Whether you’re planning to be a great local business, national or international company, you can use online advertising to build your business. For help with online advertising get in touch with us, we help businesses grow using online advertising, call 0115 880 0211 or email us.

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