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The Power of Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Want to increase your leads and sales? And double your website visitors? With the power of blogging and social media marketing you can.

As an integrated marketing agency, I made the decision that we had to not just ‘talk the talk, but walk the walk’ too. So, back in May 2013, I embraced the power of blogging and social media marketing. The results have been dramatic. I’ve seen the following in just four months:-

  • Almost double the number of unique visitors
  • 261% increase in page views
  • 202% increase in average visitor duration
  • 200% increase in completed goals
  • 225% increase in contact form completions
  • 91% increase in the number of visitors from Google natural search as well as more visitors from the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo!
  • 933% increase in visitors from Facebook
  • 325% increase in visitors from LinkedIn
  • A significant number of visitors from Twitter and Google+ for the first time

And the above figures include August which is often a quiet month. The Google Analytics dashboard below shows some of the statistics I highlighted above.

Of course, as you might expect, turning the above activity into sales and profit takes a little longer, but we’ve doubled our customer base already and as a result we are forecasting a 40% increase in turnover and profits from September 2013 to August 2014. And I think I’m being rather conservative with regard to this forecast.

What did we actually do? Regular Blogging and Social Media Marketing!

1. We’ve posted a blog weekly since 10th May 2013 (missing just one week so far – I was on holiday)

2. We post daily updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with extra updates when we find interesting articles or update our blog

That’s it! Well almost, there is of course a strategy, key phrase targets, blog optimisation and a blog schedule, with some blogs already written and ready to add to our website.

Through this activity, as well as some offline marketing, I’m growing my business. If you would like us to help you grow your business, if you’d like help with your blogging and social media, why not talk to an agency that can do it for you? We are already working with existing clients and making integrated marketing a reality for them. We can do it for you too. 

Please contact us on  0115 880 0211 and we will be in touch.

I hope you enjoyed this latest blog. Thanks for reading it.

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