8 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter

Have you started using social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to promote your company recently? Whatever your business is, no matter how big or small, using Twitter will help promote your company.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social media platform that allows short messages to be broadcasted to the public and your followers.  All posts are limited to 140 characters, which encourages users to keep messages and updates brief and direct. It is a form of micro-blogging, which can be accessed through desktop, mobile and tablet.

8 Reasons To Use Twitter

1. Your customers are already there

Your customers are already there waiting for you to interact with them. With over 32.1million people using Twitter in the UK alone, you can guarantee that you will be contacting your customers directly.

2. Don’t let your competitor beat you

In a world of growing social media users and more online platforms available, it is advised to jump on the bandwagon of any social media hype. Twitter is definitely one of those must have social media channels to ensure that your competitors don’t get a head start.

3. Twitter Advertising

Advertise on Twitter by targeting your ads to prospective customers. Much like facebook advertising, Twitter allows you to promote your account or certain tweets – this is most used when trying to promote an offer. You can ensure you reach your target audience by targeting via interests, followers, keywords and even by the TV Programmes they watch.

4. Using Twitter is Free

Why shouldn’t you use this platform that is freely available to you? Yes, it will take some time to get used to the layout and the short 140 character limitations. You will soon realize the benefits of this fast paced social network that will provide you with direct communication with your audience.

5. 140 Character Limit

Make the most of the word limitation by posting relevant and direct messages to your followers. Unlike other social media sites, where you want to slowly entice someone to a call to action, it is totally acceptable on Twitter to be direct and cut to the chase. So instead of writing 300 words as to why someone should share your post, on twitter you can simply put “Please RT”.

6. The Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to join in on twitter trends. By adding a hashtag at the end of the status this allows you to be part of that hashtag trail. When someone else searches for that hashtag, your status will appear even if the person isn’t following you. What this means to you? Well it means that anyone searching for something that is relevant to your business will be able to find you.

7. Feedback

Everyone feels more confident on social media sites, and this is the time where you are more likely than ever to get direct feedback from your audience.  This can be used to your advantage no matter whether it is a positive or negative review. Such as ASOS have @ASOSHelp for when orders have gone wrong, you can use twitter as tool to show you are ready to help.

8. Personality

Unlike any other Social Media sites, Twitter allows your business to have a real personality. We have found that Twitter is one of the only online platforms which has managed to find an equal ground for both businesses and customers where both can speak and interact as equals. This is due to the fact that Twitter can be used in a much more flexible way.  So tweet a birthday wish to one of your loyal clients, or re-tweet something that you think will make your customers laugh. It doesn’t have to be directly in relation to your company, just ensure that it is something that you customers will enjoy reading.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board and start using twitter today to let your customers know about what you are up to. And don’t be scared to tweet several times a day! Have a look at 101 for Business twitter users that helps you understand how to use Twitter to your best advantage.

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